2019-2020 Decals Available August 1

Student Decals will go on sale on August 1, 2019. Decals may be purchased online through NuPark, or at the Parking Management window. The rates are as follows:

Residential $225
UMW Apartments $225
Eagle Landing $375
Commuter $225


  1. Melissa C Madsen says

    Hello! I’m trying to buy a commuter parking decal, but I’m not sure how I’m actually going to receive it. The FAQ page says that it will be delivered to my on-campus mailbox, but since I’m not going to be living on campus, will it be mailed directly to my house or will I have to pick it up at the Parking Management office? Will the process be different if I come buy it in person and what would I need for that? Thank you!

    • Lauren McDonald says

      Hello Melissa,

      Commuter students do have mailboxes at the on campus Post Office in Woodard Hall, so you will receive the decal there if you order it online. You can access your mailbox assignment through Banner under personal information. You are also able to buy it in person if you prefer. They will give you your decal right away. You will need the same information as would be required online: year, make, and model of the vehicle along with license number.

  2. Hanna Carey says

    Hi! I purchased a residential pass online in the beginning of August, and am wondering when the passes will be issued to our mailboxes at UMW. Thanks!

  3. Takoda Chris says

    I am trying to buy a parking pass but the only option is to bill my student account. I would like to use a different credit card. What should I do?

    • Lauren McDonald says

      Good morning,

      Please call the Parking Management office directly at (540) 654-1129. Jean Elliott can explain how to use a credit card.

  4. grace montes says

    If i buy a pass for one car, and then later end up having to drive a different car, would i have to buy a separate decal for the new car? As in, would i have to pay the $225 commuter decal fee to add a second car?

    • Lauren McDonald says

      Hello Grace,

      Commuter students are allowed to register a second vehicle. There is no additional fee; however, you will have to register the second decal in person instead of online.

  5. KIM MILLER says

    Will the parking management window be open during move in on Saturday 8/24?

  6. Do I have to have a Parking permit to park on Monday 26th? when is the day I have to have my parking permit in order to not get a ticket?

  7. Cameron Puryear says

    Are parking passes still available for purchase?

  8. Is this fee for the whole year or is it per semester?

  9. Kate Jolly says

    Hello, I was wondering if students who bought parking passes for this year will receive a partial refund since the university closed the campus for COVID-19? I looked online but couldn’t find any info about it.

    • Lauren McDonald says

      Hi Kate,

      At the moment, options regarding decal refunds are still in discussion. Once there is something definitive to share, we will post on the website.

      Thank you for your patience.

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