2020-2021 Decals Available August 1

Student Decals will go on sale on August 1, 2020. Decals may be purchased online through NuPark, or at the Parking Management window. The rates are as follows:

Residential $225
UMW Apartments $225
Eagle Landing $375
Commuter $225



  1. Where are all of the locations that the “commuter” parking decal allows me to park?

  2. Anne Devine says

    Is there/can there please be a semester option for decals? I am graduating in december and would prefer to avoid paying hundreds of dollars for the pass if i am only going to use it for about three months. I have seen the option before for spring semesters so am hoping there could be an option for only fall 2020.

    • Lauren McDonald says

      Good morning,

      While there is no option for fall only decal, you can request a non-returning student refund at the end of the semester to receive 50% of the decal purchase price.

  3. Hi, will the decal rates be the same in spite of the shortened semester?

    • Lauren McDonald says

      Correct, the decal rates will remain the same.

      • A confused commuter :-( says

        Are you able to purchase decals year in the spring semester as well? Do they cost the same price as if you had bought one during the fall semester?

        • Lauren McDonald says

          The decals are for the full academic year, so you will not need to purchase a second one in the spring.

  4. Do you need a parking decal to park at college ave the university side? I have seen cars parked before without the the permit parking because it’s the public street is it true?

    • Lauren McDonald says

      All students are required to have decals to park on campus, including the university side of College Ave. While visitors may park there without a pass, Parking Management monitors the street for repeat vehicles and will issue citations when students are caught without a decal.

  5. I just bought a parking pass for the UMW apartmentS but it would not let me buy one for the whole year. I thought that semester parking passes were not available. I need one for the whole year so now I am concerned I won’t be able to use it in the spring.

  6. Are we allowed to come on campus to buy the car decals and is the Parking Management window the one located in Lee’s Hall?

    • Lauren McDonald says

      You may, beginning today, August 3. However, you should call first to schedule an appointment: (540) 654-1129. The window is located on the second floor of Lee Hall.

      Edit: Parking Management staff will not be at the window until August 19. You should still call and make and appointment before visiting the window.

  7. Rob Thompson says

    I have tried logging in through the NuPark portal in order to buy my decal and it says “CAS Service Provider is not Authorized.” Is anybody else having the same issue?

  8. Elizabeth says

    Are prices going to go down now that the first month of the semester is online?

  9. Reagan Nierman says

    I am trying to purchase a parking pass but going to this page, then having to click the link to go to NuPark, then having to click the login page, it is now saying that my login has failed. It will not load every time I try to do it and it’s not an incorrect password or anything; it immediately says the login has failed when I click the button to log in. I am currently on crutches and need to get a parking pass before Friday as I will be moving in this weekend and need to park at my building but I am unable to purchase one for UMW apartments. Who can fix this?

    • Lauren McDonald says

      We’re not sure why that is happening. You should also be able to access the parking system by going through Banner first: https://banner.umw.edu/ssomanager/c/SSB. Click on Personal Information, then Parking Management System. You can also call Parking Management directly for assistance at (540) 654-1129.

  10. I just made an account and am trying to get a pass for Eagle. I am at the section where it is asking for what term I want to buy one for…but it is saying that I have already purchased one or that there are no passes available. I haven’t even selected which pass I want yet. How can I get a pass as soon as possible.

    • Lauren McDonald says

      By make an account, do you mean you registered a new one in the system? You ought to have been able to login without creating a new account using your UMW single-sign on password. If you are logged in with your UMW account and still having issues, please call Parking Management directly at (540) 654-1129 and we will register you for the decal.

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