Fall 2020 Service Information & FAQs

The Parking Management office is currently scheduled to reopen September 10, 2020. There will be a table on Campus Walk in front of Lee Hall on September 10 and 11, as well as the following week of September 14, to provide in-person assistance. The office will also be open for appointments beginning the week of September 14. Please call ahead to 540-654-1129 to schedule an appointment. Note that decals are available for purchase online through Banner.


Will semester decal prices change for the semester?

No, prices for decals will remain the same.

I ordered my Parking decal; how will I receive it?

  1. Your decal is being held as a package at the UMW Post Office. You will receive a notification when it arrives and is ready for pick up.
  2. Decals can be mailed to an off -campus address using USPS flat rate with tracking.  The cost is $7.15.  Please contact the UMW Post Office at 540-654-1049 for assistance.


  1. Noe Jeffrie says

    My daughter will be commuting. So, where do the commuters can park without the decals? It is just for a day. All her classes is online. She only has to come to the campus once a week.

  2. Is it possible to buy the decal for this semester at a discounted price? I only have 1 class on campus and the rest is online and I do not know what the spring semester be like. And what if classes for the spring semester went all online will there be a refund for the decl?

    • Lauren McDonald says

      No, we are not offering decals at a discount price. We do not know yet what the refund schedule would look like if UMW classes go fully online.

      • Thank you for your response. I have another question, This fall semester I’ll be coming to campus twice a week. My question is can I buy a decal and then return it before thanksgiving break? That’s when classes go back online.

  3. By what date do vehicles need to have a parking pass? If I get my pass on Monday, Sept. 14 between classes, will I get a citation for parking without a current decal?

    • Lauren McDonald says

      There’s a three day grace period once classes start, so you should not receive a citation for not having a decal if you pick it up on Monday.

  4. I ordered a parking decal (when I thought I was returning to campus for the Fall 2020 Semester) but things changed & I am no longer returning to campus for the Fall 2020 Semester (I’m staying where I am & taking my classes online). My question is can I get a refund for the parking decal? If so, who do I contact in order to get the refund?

  5. What times will the table be outside Lee to buy a pass?

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