Summer Decal Registration

Summer registration begins: May 9—online May 12—at the window Prices: 5 wks $35 each 8 wks $55 10 wks $70   … [Read more...]

New parking lot designation for the Alvey Drive parking deck

The Office of Parking Management would like to announce recent designation changes that will benefit the entire campus community. The change is as follows:  New Parking Lot Designation for the Alvey Drive parking deck. Beginning immediately, the University is issuing a change of use in the Alvey Drive parking deck. Level #4 (top level) of the parking deck will be reserved for campus visitors only (there is no longer any Fac/Staff parking on level #4), while levels 1-3 will be available for all UMW registered vehicles (this includes but is not limited to all student decal designations), as is the status of the surface lots beyond the deck. Deck painting and signage will be updated shortly to reflect these changes. Questions? Call (540) 654-1129 or email Robin Jones at … [Read more...]

Faculty/Staff/Contractor/Vendor Decal Re-Registration 2015

All Faculty and Staff decals expire on July 1st 2015.  Beginning Monday March 2, 2015, UMW employees may re-register all current vehicle through the Eaglenet Portal.  Decals will be issued via campus mail. Questions?  Contact Robin Jones, (540) 654-1129. … [Read more...]

Spring 2015 Parking & Enforcement Information

Welcome Back! The Office of Parking Management would like to ensure that students are aware of the following for the Spring 2015 semester: To ensure the availability of safe parking and the efficient use of the parking resources, the enforcement of decal registration regulations will begin on Wednesday, January 14, 2015. … [Read more...]

Spring 2015 Decals Available December 22

Online registration for the prorated Spring decals begin on December 22, 2014. The cost for Residential, Apartment and Commuter decals will be $100; the cost for Eagle Landing Deck decals will be $175. Window registration will begin on January 5, 2015 … [Read more...]

Fall 2014 Decals Available August 1st

2014-15 Academic Year Decals 2014-2015 parking decals are now available online (EagleNet). Or, register at the Parking Management Office, in Lee Hall 201B. 2014-15 Academic Year Decal Prices: - Residential Student:  $200 - Commuter Student:  $200 - Eagle Landing Residents:  $350 For information on how to request a decal and proper placement on vehicle, visit: … [Read more...]

Summer 2014 Decals Available May 10

Online registration (EagleNet) for summer parking decals begin on Saturday, May 10 and window registration at the Parking Management Office begin on Monday, May 12. All current UMW student decals are valid for summer parking through July 31, 2014. Summer Decal Prices: - 5 week session: $35 - 8 week session: $55 - 10 week session: $70 For information on how to request a decal and proper placement on vehicle, visit: … [Read more...]

Spring 2014 Decals Available December 16

Online and window registration for the prorated Spring decals begin Dec 16th.  The cost for Residential, Apartments and Commuter will be $100; the cost for Eagle Landing Deck will be $175. … [Read more...]

Green Decals Only for Eagle Landing Residents

As of Fall 2013, all Eagle Landing residents with a vehicle are required to purchase the green parking deck decal for $350.00.  The yellow residential decal ($200.00) is not an option for students residing in Eagle Landing to purchase. For more information, contact Parking Management: (540) 654-1129 … [Read more...]

Fall 2013 Decals Available August 1st

Online and window registration for Fall 2013 decals begin August 1, 2013.  Select for decal prices: DECALS. … [Read more...]