Payline Information

Online access to view or print your personal earnings and benefits information as of any payday is available at the Virginia Department of Accounts Payline website!

Payline Instructions

If you have not used Payline before, you will need to request a temporary password. Follow these instructions:

1. Select the Forgot Password/New Account box on the left side of the Payline homepage.

2. Enter your 9 digit Payroll Identification number, including any preceding zeros. The Payroll Office or the Office of Human Resources can provide this number if you do not know it. Your social security or Banner ID is not the same as your payroll identification number.
Press the Submit button.

3. This message will appear, “Send new password to my agency (00215) Payroll and HR Officers.” “Requires the entry of first 3 letters of [your] last name: _____.”
Enter your first 3 letters. Press Send.

4. Enter a personal pass phrase, any word or phrase created by you, up to 24 characters. Be sure to remember or write down the pass phrase entered. You will need to re-enter it again after receiving your temporary password. Press Submit.
Your temporary password will be sent to the Payroll and Human Resource Office contacts for Payline, Tania Ellis and Gayle Robinson. Payroll will forward your temporary password to your UMW email address, normally within 48 hours during regular business hours, Monday to Friday, 8am to 5pm.

5. Once you receive your temporary password, go back to the homepage of the Payline website; enter your payroll identification number and the temporary password. Press Log On. Enter the pass phrase previously created by you when requesting the temporary password. Press Submit.

6. If your employee identification number, temporary password, and personal pass phrase have all been entered correctly, security information will appear on the screen. After reading, press Continue.

7. The Payline options page will be displayed for you to complete. This process includes new security features. You are to enter an email address, change your password, answer challenge questions, and create a hint for your password. Once all the information entered is acceptable according to the new security features, you will receive a message confirming the updating of your security record. Press Continue to Payline.

8. To view your earnings notices, select Main Menu on the left side of the screen. Select Pay History, then View Pay Stub. Pay stubs are shown by pay date. Select the date you would like to view. Pay stubs are available on Payline for two years.