Archives for February 2015

Campus stock request items

As of February 9, we will be removing the online Campus Stock Request form.  Requests for supplies can be made using the new Supply Room punchout catalog. … [Read more...]

Last call for modular furniture

There are assorted modular units available in the Central Storeroom’s surplus inventory:  walls, drawers, countertops and more.  These units offer flexibility and maneuverability.  Interested?  Contact the Storeroom. … [Read more...]

Buyer Beware

Two UMW department buyers recently reported receiving calls from someone who wanted the number printed on the front of the nearby copier, the savvy Buyers directed the caller to the UMW Copy Center and in both cases the caller hung up the phone.  Beware of similar scams to sell toner or replenish supplies. … [Read more...]