Archives for May 2015

Current Contract Activity Highlights

IFB Lighting Supplies RFP Amazon Web Services RFP Internet Service Provider RFP International Recruitment RFP International Travel Services RFP Temporary Staffing Services RFP Golf Facility Host Site IFB Snow/Ice Removal Services RFP Printing Services RFP Fire Alarm Integrator Services RFP Architect/Engineering Services for Amphitheater Renovation Cooperative Contract Employee Relocation Orientation Services QQ/RA Golf Carts … [Read more...]

Surplus Furniture

Dale Elethorp, UMW Central Storeroom Mgr., will be making a trip to the Surplus Federal Warehouse in mid-May to view available office furniture at greatly discounted pricing, if any departments are in the market for furniture and wish to accompany him to view the current surplus inventory, please contact Dale directly at 540-654-5972, or … [Read more...]

SPCC Works Reports

As a follow-up to information provided at the April B.U.G. meeting, examples from WORKS Dashboard are provided below. SPCC Cardholders can access spend charts by vendor, category and org – Examples follow (although the quality of these images is poor, it provides a preview of what is available through WORKS with improved clarity) Custom reports can be run, based on date range and/or a  specific vendor, and are exportable to Excel.  You can select date range, Merchant Class Code (MCC) and Vendor name. If you need help using or understanding Dashboard reporting abilities, please contact Monique SanPietro, your Program Administrator for the SPCC, or Melva Kishpaugh.  There are also user guides available in Works at the bottom of the screen. … [Read more...]

Increased Fraud Monitoring

Bank of America is strengthening fraud controls, and will be asking SPCC Cardholders to monitor spend activity more frequently.  Cardholders may see a greater frequency of emails from the BoA Fraud Team requesting feedback on purchase activity. The emails will instruct the cardholder to contact the bank, they will not request sensitive customer information. If you suspect unauthorized activity, please report it immediately to Bank of America’s Fraud Team at 866-500-8262. … [Read more...]

Introducing the Bulb Eater 3

As part of our ongoing efforts to increase environmental sustainability on campus and reduce costs to the University, Facility Services and Central Stores has acquired a bulb crusher. The Bulb Eater 3 provides a safe and efficient way to recycle fluorescent lamps by crushing and storing lamps, capturing and neutralizing vapors, and reducing the amount time recycling. Additionally, the cost of recycling crushed bulbs will be produce over $1,900 in savings, compared to the current recycling contract. The Bulb Eater will pay for itself within two years! Questions? Contact Dale Elethorp. … [Read more...]

Clean April Sweep

Thank you cardholders and approvers for signing off on all transactions by the April deadline. No cardholders were swept. KUDOS! … [Read more...]