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The modular unit in front of Westmoreland Hall, Annex A, has been purchased by King George Public Schools. Work is underway to deconstruct and remove the building. Removal is slated for completion prior to the start of Fall semester. Please be cautious around the area, as it is still a construction site. Annex B is targeted for surplus sale this summer. … [Read more...]


UMW is a member of VHEPC (Virginia Higher Education Procurement¬†Cooperative). We are one of eleven public higher ed institutions, along with the Virginia Community College System, that work cooperatively to provide purchases efficiently, and at the best value for the institution. Be on the lookout for more news from VHEPC as this program matures. … [Read more...]

SWaM Roundtable Event

On May 11, 2016, UMW hosted a Regional Connect Event for vendors, sponsored by the Department of Small Business and Supplier Diversity. The event featured buyers from various state agencies along with vendors. This allows buyers to share their expertise in procurement contracts and Micro and SWaM certifications, while giving small businesses the opportunity to highlight their goods and services. The roundtable discussions will foster relationships with local vendors, enabling UMW to continue its goal of providing the best value at the best prices. Pictured: Left--Tracey Wiley, President of Virginia's Deparment of Small Business & Supplier Diversity; Top Right--UMW's Procurement team, James DeLoatch, Michelle Pickham, Erma Baker, Monique SanPietro, and Melva Kishpaugh.   … [Read more...]

Certificate of Coverage

Anika Wilson within the Office of Administration and Finance handles all certificates of coverage. When needed for certain transactions, complete the online form at: ¬† … [Read more...]

100% Buyer Certification

Congratulations to James DeLoatch, who recently completed his Virginia Contracting Officer certification. UMW Procurement Services Buyers are 100% certified as Virginia Contracting Officers, along with additional designations.   … [Read more...]