Buyer Resources

Greetings, Campus Buyers:

The Procurement Services staff’s goal is to assist the University community in the purchase of the goods and services necessary to support the education and enrich the campus experience of UMW students.

The Procurement Services FAQ page has answers to many situations faced by our buyers on campus.  The resources below have been developed to assist buyers.


  • Annual SPCC Training – Required annually for SPCC holders as directed by the Program Administrator.
  • Buyer Training – This training is required for new SPCC holders.  Existing users are also encouraged to register for refresher training.
  • Contract Administrator Training – Required annually for designated Contract Administrators

SWaM Vendor Locator

  • Transparency Report – Utilize this report to locate eVA Registered SWaM vendors.
  • DSBSD – Access this site to locate certified small vendors.  Note that vendors on this site are not neccessarily eVA registered, as that registration is a separate process.


Procurement Forms – Locate contracting, SPCC and tax forms, as well as the VCE releases and a variety of other Procurement Forms here!