Annex A Removal

The removal of Annex A is complete. Special thanks to Dale Elethorp who championed the surplus of the unit and coordination of the removal with King George Public Schools. Thanks to others at UMW who supported the process: David Wilt, Jonathan Moore, UMW Grounds, Parking, Facilities team, and a host of others. Annex B will soon become our next focus! … [Read more...]

Fixed Asset Inventory

As a reminder, Mary Francis Gallagher has taken over the position of Fixed Asset Coordinator. Campus Faculty and Staff should expect her visits throughout the year, and assist in any way possible to complete her inventory of their area. … [Read more...]


The modular unit in front of Westmoreland Hall, Annex A, has been purchased by King George Public Schools. Work is underway to deconstruct and remove the building. Removal is slated for completion prior to the start of Fall semester. Please be cautious around the area, as it is still a construction site. Annex B is targeted for surplus sale this summer. … [Read more...]

Staffing Changes

Central Stores bids farewell to John  Romine, who will retire on April 15. We wish him a wonderful retirement! Thanks for your service, John! Mary Frances Gallagher will join the procurement team as the new Fixed Assets Coordinator. Welcome, Mary Frances! … [Read more...]

Recycle Toner Cartridges

Starting this week, there will be green containers throughout UMW campuses for recycling toner cartridges. Also attached to these will be buckets for recycling batteries. If you have any questions or are unable to find a recycling container located near you, please contact Dale Elethorp at x5972.   … [Read more...]

Surplus Property

Are you in need of office furniture or ink cartridges? Check the Storeroom for surplus items! Call David Wilt at x5972. Testimonial from one satisfied department, who saved $6,000 in new furniture for a student lounge: "I mentioned for him to check the surplus store – he found couches, chairs, end tables from Marshall Hall that are in really good condition." … [Read more...]

Surplus Furniture

Dale Elethorp, UMW Central Storeroom Mgr., will be making a trip to the Surplus Federal Warehouse in mid-May to view available office furniture at greatly discounted pricing, if any departments are in the market for furniture and wish to accompany him to view the current surplus inventory, please contact Dale directly at 540-654-5972, or … [Read more...]

Introducing the Bulb Eater 3

As part of our ongoing efforts to increase environmental sustainability on campus and reduce costs to the University, Facility Services and Central Stores has acquired a bulb crusher. The Bulb Eater 3 provides a safe and efficient way to recycle fluorescent lamps by crushing and storing lamps, capturing and neutralizing vapors, and reducing the amount time recycling. Additionally, the cost of recycling crushed bulbs will be produce over $1,900 in savings, compared to the current recycling contract. The Bulb Eater will pay for itself within two years! Questions? Contact Dale Elethorp. … [Read more...]

Campus stock request items

As of February 9, we will be removing the online Campus Stock Request form.  Requests for supplies can be made using the new Supply Room punchout catalog. … [Read more...]

Last call for modular furniture

There are assorted modular units available in the Central Storeroom’s surplus inventory:  walls, drawers, countertops and more.  These units offer flexibility and maneuverability.  Interested?  Contact the Storeroom. … [Read more...]