EO35 How To Guide

The following page is a brief How To guide for complying with EO35’s new Certified-Micro Business Quote requirements.

For more information about Executive Order 35, visit the EO35 Changes to SWaM Quote Purchasing Requirements page.

How to Search for Certified-Micro Businesses

Searching in eVA

1. By SWaM Type:

On the eVA Homepage, scroll to the bottom to the eVA Vendor List. On the eVA Vendor List page, select SWAM Type and “O-Micro Business” then hit Search. This will return all vendors that are certified-Micro.






2. By NIGP Code:

On the eVA Homepage, scroll to the bottom to the NIGP Code Lookup. Use this page to find an NIGP code that most closely corresponds to the item(s) you are buying.

Once you have the code, scroll to the top of the eVA Homepage under Transparency and select Public Reports.





Open report 720 “Vendor Search by Name, ID, or NIGP Commodity Code(s)” on the left menu bar. Select the radio button option Specific NIGP Commodity/Commodities. Paste your NIGP Code(s) and select SWAM Type Micro Business then click Run Report.


Before running the report, you can also include the service zone you wish to search in. UMW is located within zone 99.






Searching in DSBSD

Navigate to the Directory Listing on the DSBSD website. On the left under the green filter button for Certification Type, select Micro and click Apply.


Search the Directory Listing by NIGP code, keyword, or vendor name by using the other filter buttons and keyword search bar.