The Learning Center

SPCC applicants are required by the Department of Accounts (DOA), the governing agency for the Small Purchase Credit Card Program (SPCC), to complete a cardholder course that details all of the Commonwealth’s rules and regulations regarding appropriate usage of the SPCC. This course must be completed prior to the cardholder’s receipt and activation of the card.

Each year annually thereafter, all SPCC cardholders and supervisor/reviewers of cardholders are required to complete ‘refresher’ courses located in The Learning Center in order to maintain cardholder privileges.

If you are a first time user of The Learning Center you will need to create an account.  Please visit the HR webpage or contact Pam Lowery at ext 1357 in the UMW Human Resources Department for assistance.

If you are currently registered as a user in The Learning Center, the guides below will assist in the location and completion of the Department of Accounts (DOA) annually required courses for all SPCC cardholders and Supervisor/Reviewers. You do not need to notify the University’s SPCC Program Administrator that you have completed the appropriate course(s) as The Learning Center will record your completion and provide data to the Program Administrator.

SPCC Learning Center Training Courses

  • SPCC Cardholder Training Course Guide for New and Current Cardholders (Annually Required)
  • Gold Card Training Course Guide (Annually Required)

Click Here for instructions on how to access the SPCC Training Courses in The Learning Center.