SWaM Vendor Search

It is the goal of the University, per an annually filed SWaM Plan, to spend at least 42% of its discretionary funds with DSBSD-certified Small and otherwise Diverse Businesses. To support this goal, Departmental Buyers are responsible for selecting appropriate vendors for all small purchases regardless of procurement method (i.e. eVA, over-the-counter). Unless listed as an exemption per the University’s Small Purchase Procedures or already on an available contract, every purchase under $5,000, if not sourced from a registered Small Business, must have an accompanying small business quote or justification for the purchase. There are several ways you can search for small businesses.

Checking a Vendor’s SWaM Status in eVA

If you have a vendor in mind and you want to check if they are a registered small business, you can go to the eVA Homepage and scroll to the bottom to the eVA Vendor List under Tools. Search for the vendor name you are looking for using the keyword search box.

DSBSD-certified small businesses will be easy to identify in eVA because they will have a designation in one or more of the following columns in the eVA Vendor List: Micro, Small, Minority-Owned, or Woman-Owned.

Procurement Transparency Report

  • Found on the eVA Homepage
  • Obtain SWaM and commodity details for a single vendor, or
  • Obtain a listing of vendors registered for specific commodity code(s).
1.  From the eVA homepage, at the top horizontal menu bar, click on the drop down for Transparency and select Public Reports.

2.  Under Vendor Data, Select 720 Vendor Search by Name, ID, or NIGP Commodity Code(s)

3.  Select Open

nigp 4.  Select Specific NIGP Commodity/Commodities.
nigp-entry 5.  Enter the NIGP Code.

  • If you do not know the code, search using the NIGP Code Lookup link.

6.  Select Run Report

  • A listing of all of the vendors that have registered for the code you entered will be returned.
  • Select the “SWaM” column label twice to see all registered SWaM vendors at the top of the list.
  • If you wish to export the list to Excel or a PDF, select the appropriate icon in the top right area of the page.


Small Business and Supplier Diversity (SBSD)

If you are unable to find a specific vendor in the Procurement Transparency report that you believe to be SWaM certified, you can search DSBSD to verify.

1.  To access the SBSD website go to the eVA home page, click on the Small, Women and Minority Owned icon located in the center of the page. swam
2.  Select the link to the Small Business and Supplier Diversity (SBSD) website. sbsd

3.  Scroll to the “What’s Hot” section of the SBSD page.

4.  Select SWaM and DBE Directory.

5.  Select the link to the Small Business & Supplier Diversity SWaM and DBE Directory.


6. The SWaM Vendor Search box allows you to search by:

  • Company Name
  • NIGP Code/Description
  • SWAM Type
  • Zip & NIGP Code
7.  To search by company name or any portion thereof, enter at least three letters in the search field and click the enter key on your keyboard to search. search-2
8.  To search for vendors based on the commodity they sell, you may enter the full NIGP code or a portion thereof, select NIGP. nigp

To find your NIGP Commodity Code, please visit the NIGP Code List where you can either search by keyword or download the entire NIGP Code Book.

You may also search by the commodity description, but be aware that the NIGP description may differ slightly from the search term you may use (i.e. photographic equipment instead of camera).


I Found SWaM Vendors, What Do I Do Now?

Once you have a list of SWAM vendors, contact any one of them to request a quote for the goods or services you need.  A small business quote or justification that satisfies the SWaM requirement can take several forms, including but not limited to the following examples:

  • A registered small business submitting a quote to you for the item(s) you need with pricing
  • A registered small business submitting a note to you that they are not able to supply the item(s) requested
  • A SWaM vendor search on the DSBSD website showing that vendors for a certain commodity (NIGP) code are not available at all or within a certain area
  • A handwritten or typed not of a call to a registered small business with the name of the vendor you contacted, the person you spoke to, the item(s) requested, the date you called, the pricing given or reason they are not able to supply (note must answer who, what, where, when, and why)

One of the examples above must be included in the Cardholder payment card file if a small business quote is needed for that transaction. Proper documentation within eVA in the entire order comments section is “Small business quote on file” and the name of the vendor you have a quote from.