Contract Administrator Training – Individual

Annual Training is required to be taken by all Contract Administrators at the University.

To complete the Annual Contract Admin Training, complete the following steps.

  • The Learning Center functions best in Firefox.  For ALL browsers, ensure pop-ups are allowed enabled.
  • All Learning Center specific questions and issues are to be directed to Pam Lowery at (540) 654-1357.

Access the Learning Center: Go to

  1. Enter your Learning Center Login ID.
  2. Enter your Learning Center Password.
  3. Click Log In.

If you have problems accessing the Learning Center, or are a new user, you may either click “Forgot your Login ID or Password” at the bottom of the screen or contact Pam Lowery.

Once Inside the Learning Center:

1. Enter  “2018 UMW Contract Administration Training” in the Search field at the top right of the homepage (the Search icon looks like a magnifying glass)

  • Select the training from the results page and select “Access Item” or “Open New Attempt”
  • Select the training title in the upper left of the new window/tab
  • Complete the training

2. The quiz is located at the end of the training in the same window. You must receive a 100% score to pass the training.

  • If you fail the quiz on your first attempt, you must close the training window and re-open the course.
    • Select the Resume button.
    • The training window will load, and ask “Would you like to resume where you left off?”
    • Select No, and the course will refresh, enabling you to take the quiz again

Learning Center Questions – Contact Pam Lowery at (540) 654-1357.

Contract Administrator Training Questions – Contact Procurement Services at