Summary of Procurement Procedures

For complete procurement instructions, refer to Laws, Polices and Procedures. If you have any questions please email or call 540 654 1127.

Goods and Services (Except Equipment Trust Fund* and Restricted Items) 

Goods and Services (Except ETF* and restricted items)     Procurement Procedure Purchase options Deadlines
All goods and non-professional services $5,000 or less One or more quotes are required for purchases of goods and services costing less than $5,000.00 (exception: See Furniture). At least one quote should be obtained from a SBSD certified minority owned or woman owned business. Never split orders under any circumstance in an attempt to keep cost under $5,000.00 as this is against State Law. – eVA Requisition and Order
– Small Purchase Charge Card
5 Days
All Furniture Purchases State Law mandates all purchases of furniture be procured from Virginia Correctional Enterprises  (VCE). – eVA Requisition submitted by Department for approval
– Purchase order issued by Procurement Services
5 Days
All goods and non-professional services over $5,000 Department submits a Requisition for Purchase. Procurement Services solicits the required number of sources in writing (including small minority or woman owned sources) using the appropriate procurement method. – Requisition for Purchase (paper or eVA)
– Advertised through Virginia Business Opportunities (VBO) in eVA
Varies depending on complexity 30-120 days
Professional Services as defined:
– Accountant
– Actuarial
– Architect
– Land Surveying
– Landscape Architect
– Law
– Dentistry
– Medicine
– Optometry
– Pharmacist
– Engineer
– Economist
Procured through competitive negotiation as allowed by State Law. Notify Procurement Services of needs 120 + days

* All Equipment Trust Fund items must be purchased by means of an eVA requisition.


Previously Owned Equipment/ Furniture

Previously Owned Equipment Procurement Procedure Purchase option
Used furniture Competition not required if procurement is less that  $50,000 – Requisition for Purchase (via eVA)
– Written justification and vendor quote must be submitted to Procurement Services for approval prior to purchase
Used Vehicle – any price Contact the procurement services office – Requisition for Purchase (via eVA)
– Written justification must be submitted to Procurement Services for approval prior to purchase



Special Situations

Situation Procedure for All Goods and Services
Construction Projects Contact the UMW Capital Outlay Management Department (540-654-1292) for information related to any construction or renovation projects.
Conferences Contact Events and Conferencing for assistance
Emergency Contact Procurement Services. An emergency is an occurrence of a serious and urgent nature that demands immediate action. Full justification for the purchase is required. Justification approved at dean/director/department head level. Justification should relate to health, safety, or protection of property. If time permits, contact Procurement services before making purchase. Competition is not required but should be obtained, time permitting.
Grants Adhere to terms of the Grant
Photocopying Use of on-campus copy center
Printing Creative Services should be contacted for any printing requests except business cards, letterhead, and envelopes (stationary) and snap-a-part forms (these items are on contract).
Proprietary A situation when only one brand or manufacturer is acceptable. However, the product is available from more than one source, therefore competition is available.
Sole Source A situation when a product or service (over $5,000) is practicably available from one source only. Competitive procurement cannot be conducted. Written justification required using the Sole Source/Proprietary Purchase Justification form. Procurement Services must approve the documentation prior to negotiating the price and issuing a purchase order.