EaglePAY Instructions

Students can view all of their Student Account activity

Students can view their most recent bill

Students can view their past bills

Students can pay their account online

Student can set up a payment plan

Students can add a secondary e-mail address for their own billing notification

Students can sign up an Authorized Payer

The student is the administrator of the account. Parents are not able to see or pay a student’s bill, unless access is granted by the student online to become an Authorized Payer. UMW recommends that students register their parents as Authorized Payers within EaglePAY. Authorized Payers are given their own individual access to the account by the student. For more information and instructions please click on the EaglePAY link.

Authorized Payer Login

Authorized Payers can make a payment

Authorized Payers can enroll in a payment plan

If you have questions about any of the instructions above, please call the Office of Student Accounts at 540-654-1250 or email us at umwbills@umw.edu .