Payment Plan Information

Fall 2023 Enrollment Dates


Payment plan enrollment opens May 15.


Please note these enrollment dates do not necessarily coincide with the bill due dates. Students will need to either pay in full or establish a payment plan in order to avoid a hold and possible late fee on their account.


  • Students or Authorized Payers will log into EaglePAY
  • Click on the “Payment Plan” tab on the left side of the screen
  • Check the box for the payment plan you wish to enroll in
  • Click “Sign Up for New Payment Plan”
  • Use the expenses reference sheet to help fill out the payment plan charges
  • Enter any Financial Aid
  • Review options, preferences and set a security question
  • Select a payment method and enter payment information
  • Review and complete payment plan

Additional Payment Plan Information (Click Here)


Basic Information

  • Payment Plan budgeting is the responsibility of the student or authorized payer.
  • The Payment Plan takes all major credit cards (2.85% service fee) or eChecks.
  • Since the plan is tied to Eagle Pay, the plan will re-balance to reflect the actual remaining costs left on the account. Your student account balance must be paid in full by the last installment of the term.
  • Students can have only one active payment plan at a time during a semester. Even if a student has more than one authorized user, the student may only have one payment plan for a payment plan period.
  • At this time, we cannot change the payment date from the 5th.
  • Once you sign up for a payment plan, you will continue to receive a bill each time one is generated, until the point that the account balance is paid in full.
  • If you need to reach Nelnet Business Solutions, you can do so by calling (888) 470-6014.

If you have questions for the Office of Student Accounts please either call, e-mail us or visit our Frequently Asked Questions page.



The payment plan is separated into two phases: Budgeted and Actual.

Budgeted phase occurs when the plan is created prior to all the actual charges being placed on the account. During the budgeted phase, all payments are based off the numbers entered during sign up. You are able to make adjustments during this phase. Payments are automatically taken on the 5th of the month.

Actual phase occurs after charges are placed on the account. During this phase, your plan will automatically re-balance if there are any discrepancies between your budgeted amount and the charges you were billed for. You will be notified ahead of time of this re-balancing so you can make sure funds are available.


Actual Phase Timeline

Timeline Notification
15 Days Before Re-balance Notification (If applicable)
An email will be generated notifying you that a re-balance may occur in five days.
10 Days Before Re-balance Activity (If applicable)
If your estimated budget does not match the actual charges on your student account, the remaining payments will be adjusted. The payments can be either increased or decreased, depending on the discrepancy.
5 Days Before Payment Reminder
An email will be sent out reminding you of that your payment will be withdrawn on the 5th. At this time, you will want to ensure that the funds are in your account and that you are aware of the new payment amount if applicable.
5th of the Month Final Re-balance (Decreases Only)
If you received any additional financial aid or made a payment, your remaining payment plan payments will be decreased.
Payment is Processed
Your payment is automatically processed using the payment information you provided. An email notification will be sent when the payment has been processed.