Student Refund Direct Deposit

What is Student Refund Direct Deposit?

Student Refund Direct Deposit is a way for you to have all school refunds direct deposited into the bank account of your choice.  After signing-up for this feature, you will no longer have to make a trip to the bank to deposit your refund checks.

Sign up* and automatically be entered in a monthly prize drawing for $10 on your EagleOne Card furnished by PepsiCo or a reserved parking spot for an entire month!

*To be eligible for the prize, you must be enrolled for the current term

How to sign-up for Refund Direct Deposit:


  1. Click here or log into Banner SSB with your NetID and Password
  2. Click on “Student and Financial Aid”
  3. Select “Student Account”
  4. Select “Enroll and Maintain Direct Deposit Information”
  5. Click on “Add New”
  6. Fill in the requested information (Account and Routing numbers)
  7. Click “Save New Deposit”

Why do you want Refund Direct Deposit?

  • More efficient than cashing a check
  • More secure than a check in your mailbox
  • No hassle!  The refunds route right to your bank account


  • For questions or problems with signing-up for Student Refund Direct Deposit, please email Accounts Payable.
  • Students:  If you are currently working (or intend to work) at the University, you are required to fill out a form for Payroll Direct Deposit.  Student Payroll Direct Deposit is not the same thing as Student Refund Direct Deposit.  You can use the same bank and account information for both your Payroll and Student Refund Direct Deposit accounts.
  • You must sign up for Student Payroll Direct Deposit to receive paychecks electronically.
  • You must sign up for Student Refund Direct Deposit to receive school refunds (such as tuition payment, housing deposits, financial aid, etc.) electronically.