eVA Supplier Definitions

eVA Self-Registered Suppliers
eVA Self-registered suppliers are the UMW preference for Supplier Selection.  eVA transaction fees are shared between self-registered suppliers and UMW when purchase orders are created and sent to these suppliers.  UMW Contracted suppliers are required to self-register with eVA.

eVA State-Entered Suppliers
State-Entered Vendors (Suppliers) or “SEV” are to be used for purchases that are infrequent or perhaps only “one-time”, are not contracted with UMW, may be an individual, such as a mentor-teacher or an athletic referee.

On occasion, SEV suppliers may be an entity such as Amazon, that refuses to self-register with eVA but that UMW must use to fulfill its business mission.

SEV suppliers do not pay eVA fees on purchase orders, nor do they ever receive the order through eVA (in the current environment). UMW pays ALL eVA transaction fees for use of these suppliers entered by a state entity (UMW or otherwise).

Use of SEV registrants is not a UMW preference, but may be a necessity in limited situations. SEV use will be approved and SEV entry will be performed by Procurement Services.

Non-eVA registered Suppliers, or “Ad hoc”
Non-eVA registered Suppliers, (AKA “Ad hoc”) may not be used at all in eVA as of October 15th, in preparation for NextGen, per decision of the eVA group.

UMW’s preference is to always use eVA-registered suppliers for reasons indicated above.

However, it is understood that certain business requirements may precipitate a need to use an unregistered supplier.

Suppliers may be individuals who are reluctant to provide a W-9 because their Tax Identification is a Social Security Number and not a TIN and therefore cannot be entered as eVA SEV.  International suppliers may not have US TIN or appropriate W8 documents in order to register on their own or be entered as SEV.  There may be situations where there are IRS TIN mismatches (bad address, etc.) that prevents SEV or self-registration approval.  Individual sellers may be using a selling site (eBay, Etsy, other) that prevents ability to self-register or SEV in eVA.  Proposed limited use of a non-registered supplier must be approved by Procurement Services.

If a supplier is able to register, that is the UMW preference.  If there are plans to use the supplier again, the supplier should agree to self-register.

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