NextGen Updates

We are ending our first week with the new eVA.  Below is where we stand with our connection to suppliers, your converted EP orders, and the continued trainining opportunities available to you.


  1. Vendors still establishing connections within eVA
  2. Some Suppliers/Catalogs are not fully operable and cannot accept orders.
  3. The message “No Valid Login for Supplier Contact” is under review for correction.
  4. Suppliers can be directed to eVA Customer Care for assistance.
  5. eVA Customer Care will prioritize supplier inquiries over our own.
  6. If you are accustomed to receiving supplier’s order confirmations and you are NOT receiving them now, you may choose to contact the supplier directly.

Converted EP Orders

  1. Converted EP orders now have a corresponding PO number
  2. The converted EP number is viewed by: Procurement>Browse Orders, then enter the EP number in the External Code field
  3. Continue to receive on the EP number in Banner.
  4. If you need a change order on the converted EP, please contact TESS for assistance.

Please communicate to your department members that system issues may have a direct impact on your ability to order requested goods and/or impact the timeliness of delivery.  If you have an immediate need for assistance please contact procurmenet services.   

Next week’s training opportunties:

Instructional materials 

eVA fixes this week:

  1. The 203 report is now working. Use this report to print your order to include all FOAPAL.
  2. Copy requisition and short description is now corrected on converted orders.


Questions or Comments?