BUG May 2018



May 2018 BUG Meeting

End of Fiscal Year 18 

Friday, May 18th at 1:00PM
Eagle Village Suite 480, Conference Room


Welcome, Meeting Overview and Intros

Sarah Carroll – Director of TESS

Welcome New BUG Members:

  • Dona Green – Office Manager, Gari Melchers Home and Studio
  • Marissa DiMeo – Office Manager, University Events and Conferencing
  • Paige Shiplett – Finance and Marketing Coordinator, Center for Economic Development
  • Zamara Montalvo-Perez – Business Operations Manager, Campus Recreation

Finance Team Updates:

  • Melinda Albrycht – Assistant Director of Accounting, Finance

End of Year


  • Purchase Orders: Last safe week to enter new eVA EP orders that require processing and payment in FY18 has ended: May 14-18.
  • Direct Pay entries must be complete and their associated invoices must be in Accounts Payable by Friday, May 18th for FY18 payment.
  • Banner Receiving for current FY Purchase Orders must be complete and all invoices must be in Accounts Payable by Friday, May 18th .
  • Last Check Run in FY18: Friday, June 22. Follow dates outlined on the Prompt Pay Due Dates document.
  • All Banner Sessions posting charges to accounts need to be closed and information provided to Accounting by 4:00pm on Thursday, June 28th
  • All Credit Card charges must be settled by close of business on Thursday, June 28th and submitted to the Cashiers by 9:00am on Friday, June 29th
    • Please do not settle any additional Credit Card Charges until July 1.
  • All Cash & Credit Card Transmittals and corresponding deposits and documentation from Cash Collection sites, must be delivered to the Cashier’s Office (Lee Hall 206) by 9:00am on Friday, June 29th.


Vickie Chapman – Assistant Controller, Systems

  • Online Systems (QuikPay/Commerce Manager, Bosscars) unavailable beginning Wednesday, June 27th at 4:00pm
  • Banner System Restricted Access begins Friday, June 29, 3:00pm – Sunday, July 1, 12:00pm



Leigh Penn – Accounts Payable Manager

  • Add Location Code “PRIOR for SPCC transaction posted between June 16-August 15 or UMW Finance Card transactions posted between June 26-August 25 if:
    • the goods or services were received prior to July 1.
    • 50% or more of the goods or services were received prior to July 1.
  • Examples of PRIOR
  • KAHOOT! – Review


Vickie Chapman – Assistant Controller, Systems

Training, Evaluation and System Support

Cat Parrotte – Asst. Director of TESS

Accounts Payable

Leigh Penn – Accounts Payable Manager

  • Hyatt Place – Debra Cash is now handling invoices from the Hyatt Place, please send all invoices to Debra.
  • Business Meal and Food Approval Form
    • The meal/food must be essential to conducting business of the University, involve substantive and bona fide business discussions, and be approved by the President of the President’s Designated Signer for your department. This form requires a detailed description of the business purpose for providing the food/beverage and discussion topics.
  • Account Code: 71268C “Consulting Services” – To be used when UMW contracts with a company or individual that is providing advice or guidance
    • Example: IT hires a firm to provide advice on how to handle upgrades and reporting
    • Not related to firm providing specific task oriented processes or services (ie: writing reports or coding)
    • Does not include guest speakers, lectures, interpreters or similar services.
  • UMW Finance Card
    • Late Payment – as with the SPCC, before paying a late invoice, you are required to request approval from the Program Administrator
      • Vicki Eppes-Ward, UMW Finance Card Program Administrator or Leigh Penn, Backup UMW Finance Card Program Administrator
    • Statement – You do not need to provide a print out of your UMW Finance Card statement to send to Accounts Payable
  • Chrome River

Procurement Services

 Angie Lilly – Contract Officer, Procurement

James DeLoatch – Buyer Specialist, Procurement