Chart of Accounts

The Chart of Accounts (also known as COA) is a structure of codes used for the classification, budgeting, recording, and reporting of financial transactions. The chart code structure is classified by elements, defined by Fund, Organization, Account, Program, Activity, and Location; commonly abbreviated by the term ‘FOAPAL’ or ‘FOAP’.

Each department on campus has ownership, or security rights, to view and enter specific FOAPAL elements in Finance systems dependent upon job function and reporting   hierarchy. Users indicate which functions of   Banner Finance they require when they complete the University of Mary Washington Administrative Data User Account Request Form. Form assistance is provided in the Fundamentals of Finance class or by calling Training and Systems Support at 654-1155 or 654-1006.

Accounting or The Office of Budget and Financial Analysis can assist with FOAPAL elements assigned to you and your department, and can assist with proper expenditure and revenue coding.

COA Elements can be printed at any time for those with security to do so.   Review the Searches and Reporting in INB document or the SharePoint Reporting Manual for generating COA reports.

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