Expenditure Transfers or Corrections

It is UMW practice to directly charge the correct FOAP for all goods, services and equipment expenditures when entering purchases into eVA, coding payments in WORKS for credit card charges*** or entering a Direct Pay into BANNER. Departments sharing the cost of an event should split-code the payment at the time of entry.

When needed, requests for expenditure transfers or corrections are sent, via email, to accounting@umw.edu and include the following information:

  • Document reference (e.g. invoice number for a correction)
  • Dollar amount of the transaction
  • From: [the FOAPAL to be charged]
  • Authorization from the Department Budget Manager that is being charged
  • To: [the FOAPAL to be credited]
  • Explanation for the transfer

Sample Email

Please correct FOAP coding, for Invoice number I0001234 in the amount of $50, from 1111-302000-71215-10620 to 3511-302000-71215-80990 to help cover the cost of printing posters for the opening of Lee Hall.

Thank you,

Jane Doe
Chair of Research Department

All requests are reviewed by the Accounting Department and approved corrections are entered into BANNER, debiting the correct FOAP and crediting the erroneously charged FOAP.

***Payments made with any credit card are required to follow all applicable guidelines. Proper selection and use of available credit cards is found at the following sites:

NOTE: Reimbursing SPCC charges to department funds, with local funds, is not permitted.
The UMW Finance Card is available to make purchases with local funds.

If you have any questions about correcting expenditures, please contact Accounting for assistance.