Wire Transfers

Below are the preferred method and procedures for outgoing and incoming wire transfers.

Outgoing Wire Transfers

UMW’s preferred method for outgoing payments is by either credit card or through the Accounts Payable Department (AP) as a direct pay or purchase order (depending on what type of good/service is being purchased).  UMW payment by bank wire transfer is an option limited ONLY to non-student vendors that:

  • Do not accept credit card payments
  • Are not signed up for ePayables
  • Are not registered as an EDI vendor
  • Are not able to accept checks payable in US Dollars

Please note that international wires may take up to 10 business
days before showing as a deposit to a foreign vendor

Requesting an Outgoing Wire Transfer

To request an outgoing bank wire transfer, please send a completed Wire Transfer Form to accounting@umw.edu. This form collects all necessary information required to successfully complete the wire transfer.  The requesting Department is responsible for paying the $35 wire transfer fee.

A current Vendor Registration Form needs to be on file with AP prior to processing the request.

  • Vendor completes the form
  • Vendor returns to AP per instructions on the form

Incoming Wire Transfers

UMW’s preferred methods for receiving payments are

  • Credit card or e-check using
    • EaglePay for Student Accounts
    • Admissions deposits through the Next Steps Admissions site
    • Commerce Manager for non-student billed services and other authorized events
    • Mailed check
    • In-person cash, check, cashier’s check or money order

Incoming wire transfers are ONLY accepted from:

  • Government entities
  • Approved international students
  • Finance approved emergency situations

 Accounting staff is available to assist with any questions about wire transfers.