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Mailing Address
Accounts Payable Department
1301 College Avenue
Fredericksburg, VA 22401
Phone: 540-654-1030
Fax: 540-654-1168

For hand deliveries only, the Accounts Payable offices are located at Eagle Village, Suite 480.

Senior AP Technician
Phone: 540-654-1224

Contact for: Capital Outlay Projects; Bookstore; Utilities; non-travel related reimbursements

Tyra Bailey 
Senior AP Technician
Phone: 540-654-1030
Contact for: Vendors A-Z; Vendor set up and entry; Library

Laura Temple
AP Specialist
Phone: 540-654-1226 or 252-823-8152
Contact for: Travel; Chrome River; Travel credit cards; and any other miscellaneous Accounts Payable issues

Debra Cash
AP Assistant Manager
Phone: 540-654-1225
Contact for: Employee EDI (electronic data interchange/direct deposit for reimbursements); UMW Finance Card (Local card) issues; Refunds; Reimbursements; and any Accounts Payable concerns.

Leigh Penn
AP Manager
Phone: 540-654-1226
Contact for: Tax Form 1099 questions; Travel; Chrome River; and any other Accounts Payable concerns or issues

AP only