Small Purchase Charge Card

As part of continuing efforts to streamline the State’s procurement and payment processes, the Commonwealth of Virginia has established a contract with Bank of America Visa to provide its purchasing card program to state agencies and institutions. The Commonwealth of Virginia prefers the use of the Small Purchase Charge Card (SPCC) when making purchases under $10,000 from vendors that accept the card. Use of the SPCC reduces the number of Accounts Payable transactions by consolidating multiple vendor invoices into one monthly invoice from the charge card vendor. The availability of the SPCC will not supersede procedures for procuring goods. All purchases must comply with State procurement regulations.


Activate SPCC

The SPCC must be activated by phone prior to use.

  • Call the number on the back of your card
  • SPCC Activation Code/Verification ID = 215 and your six digit birthdate
  • Phone Number Associated with SPCC Account = 540-654-1127

For additional information on Works, please visit the Works Manual and Reference Guides webpage.

PIN: Global Card Access

After the SPCC is received, ensure that you register the PIN using the Global Card Access Instructions.  You will also have the option to set up alerts on your SPCC activity to assist in guarding against fraud.

Login to retrieve your PIN: Global Card Access

Policies & Procedures

Please refer to the Small Purchase Charge Card Policies and Procedures for an explanation of appropriate use of the card.

In addition to regular office purchases, the SPCC may be used for certain travel expenses.  Conference fees and public transportation fares (airline tickets, shuttle services, and rail tickets – including VRE) may be charged to the SPCC.  All other travel expense categories are restricted. Please see Accounts Payable for a detailed explanation of travel policies and procedures.

If you have any questions related to the charge card program, please contact your Program Administrator.

CAPP Manual Topic 20355

The CAPP Manual (Commonwealth Accounting Policies and Procedures) documents the policies and procedures associated with the Commonwealth’s centralized accounting and financial systems. CAPP Topic 20355 details the DOA requirements for Agency Small Purchase Charge Card Programs. University policies and procedures related to the SPCC Program are developed from these requirements.

Cardholder Billing Statements

The Bank of America ‘Works‘ program is the method for obtaining billing statements at the close of the card cycle. If you have not received an email from the Commonwealth of Virginia Charge Card Administration with your Works application validation link, please contact UMW’s Program Administrator or call x2260.

The Works Manual and Reference Guides provides instructions on Works login and reporting.

Fraudulent and Incorrect Charges

Fraudulent Charges:  If a fraudulent transaction appears on your card, contact Bank of America and your Program Administrator immediately. BOA may be able to remove fraudulent charges from your account.  A new card will be issued in your name. Do not sign off on these transactions.  BOA will determine if they are able to remove the transactions.  If a credit is issued by the vendor, the charges will not be removed.  In the case of a credit, Procurement Services may advise you to sign off on the charge and the credit to balance the account.  When signing off in Works, all fraudulent charges and credits must include comments indicating their origination and resolution.

Incorrect/Disputed Charges:  If you experience an incorrect or wrongful charge from a vendor that you work with/buy from, contact that business to clear up the situation. If the vendor issues a refund, the original transaction and the credit transaction will both remain on Works – you will FOAP and sign off on these transactions, but only after the credit comes through from the vendor. Make sure to note in the comments section why there is a credit and what transaction it is linked to.

Prohibited SPCC/Gold Card Use

  • Never use your state-issued card for personal purchases.strikethrough
  • Never enter your full charge card number on a fax, in email or on any written document.
  • Never use another Cardholder’s card or allow another person to access your card or number.
  • Never split a purchase to circumvent established purchasing procedures or exceed your single transaction limit. Contact your Program Administrator if you need to make a purchase over your established transaction or cycle limit.
  • Never pay a past due invoice without prior approval from DOA.