Small Purchase Charge Card

As part of continuing efforts to streamline the State’s procurement and payment processes, the Commonwealth of Virginia has established a contract with Bank of America Visa to provide its purchasing card program to state agencies and institutions. The Commonwealth of Virginia prefers the use of the Small Purchase Charge Card (SPCC) when making purchases under $50,000 from vendors that accept the card. Use of the SPCC reduces the number of Accounts Payable transactions by consolidating multiple vendor invoices into one monthly invoice from the charge card vendor. The availability of the SPCC will not supersede procedures for procuring goods. All purchases must comply with State procurement regulations.

Requesting a SPCC

Individuals who have purchasing responsibilities within their departments may request to receive a Small Purchase Charge Card through the SPCC Program Administrator. All individuals wanting to request a card, at a minimum, must provide the following:

The Program Administrators will coordinate any required training and forms with the TESS department. Once all requirements are met, an SPCC will be ordered by the SPCC Program Administrator.

Activating the SPCC

The SPCC must be activated by phone prior to use.

  • Call the number on the back of your card
  • SPCC Activation Code/Verification ID = 215 and your six digit birthdate (MMDDYY)
    • example: If your birthday is May 16, 1982, your activation code/verification ID is 215051682
  • Phone Number Associated with SPCC Account = 540-654-1127 (if x1127 is not accepted, please try x1057.)

For additional information on Works, please visit the Works Manual and Reference Guides webpage.

PIN: Global Card Access

After the SPCC is received, ensure that you register the PIN using the Global Card Access Instructions.  You will also have the option to set up alerts on your SPCC activity to assist in guarding against fraud.

Login to retrieve your PIN: Global Card Access

The SPCC Program Administrators do NOT have access to set or reset your PIN.

Policies & Procedures

Please refer to the Small Purchase Charge Card Policies and Procedures for an explanation of appropriate use of the card. It is your responsibility as a Cardholder to learn and understand all of the policies and procedures as it relates to the SPCC.

If you have any questions related to the charge card program, please contact your Program Administrator.

Bank of America “Works”

The Bank of America ‘Works‘ application is the online reconciliation tool used for the Small Purchase Charge Card Program. Works provides the ability for online allocation and approval “sign off” of transactions required in the reconciliation process, as well as provides electronic billing statements at the close of each card billing cycle to enable reconciliation of the card. If you have not received an email from the Commonwealth of Virginia Charge Card Administration with your Works application validation link, please contact UMW’s Program Administrator.

The Works Manual and Reference Guides provides instructions on Works login, navigation, and reporting. For questions about the Works Manual, contact the TESS department.

Bank of America also has its own Works User Guide that may be a helpful resource if needed.