SPCC Training

Small Purchase Charge Card training is required to be taken by:

  • All NEW individuals seeking to receive an SPCC (including Gold Cards)
  • All Approvers of Cardholders
  • All EXISTING Cardholders and Approvers annually*

*The annual training is required to be completed prior to May 1 each year in order for the UMW SPCC Program Administrator to certify this completion with DOA. Failure to provide this certification to DOA on time could result in the suspension of the UMW SPCC Program. If you are an existing Cardholder or Approver and you have completed the training within 3 months of the required date (February 1) for that year, you are not required to take the training again.




To complete the SPCC Training follow the steps below:

You must complete the quiz with a score of 10/10 in order to complete the training. View your score by selecting “View Results” on the page after your quiz, and see your points on the top right corner. 

If you fail the quiz on your first attempt, you may retake it in order to successfully complete the training by selecting “Submit another response.”

For questions on the SPCC Training, contact the Program Administrator, Michelle Pickham, or SPCC Backup Program Administrator, Lindsay Fare.