Procurement Services

Welcome to Procurement Services!

Procurement Services is the central university contracting office, led by the Director of Procurement Services and Chief Procurement Officer.


The mission of the Procurement Services Department is to support the purpose and goals of the University of Mary Washington – of providing a superior public liberal arts education – by assisting the University community in the procurement of high quality goods and services at competitive prices.

We achieve our mission by:

  • offering excellence in customer service and engagement through valued connections with campus departments and clients;
  • actively promoting sustainable partnerships with the vendor community that strengthens our continued endeavor for diversity;
  • maintaining a commitment to exceptional financial stewardship and fiscal responsibility,
  • striving for continuous innovation;
  • exhibiting personal and professional integrity;
  • supporting professional development; and
  • creating or using strategic sourcing opportunities.

The Procurement Services Department assists the University community in the procurement of all goods and services. Procurement shall be carried out in an effective, economical, fair and impartial manner. All procurement, regardless of fund sources, shall be subject to the laws and regulation of the Governing Rules, the Commonwealth of Virginia Purchasing Manual for Institutions of Higher Education and their Vendors, and University Policies and Procedures.

No employee shall contractually commit the University.

No employee shall contractually obligate the University, including verbal commitments, without receiving prior authorization and in accordance with applicable laws.

The University shall not issue payment upon any voucher for any using department covering the purchase of any material, equipment or supplies, when such purchases are made in violation of law.

  • Contracts awarded in violation of the Governing Rules are voidable.
  • Contracts, agreements, or accepted quotes signed or otherwise authorized by individuals without authority to do so are void from the beginning.
  • Individuals obligating the University without the authority to do so may be held personally liable for payment to the contractor and/or be subject to disciplinary action consistent with University policy. Forms of obligating the University may include, but are not limited to: awarding contracts, verbally committing the University to a purchase, or any other written or unwritten agreements to an individual or contractor.

Authority to sign contracts for the University is formally delegated through the Procurement Services Office.  Such delegations shall include the training needed to assure compliance with applicable laws and regulations and to uphold the integrity of the University.  Departments may contact the Procurement Services Office for appropriate contract review and signature.


Procurement Services adheres to the following principles: NAEP Code of Ethics and the VPPA Ethics in Public Contracting.