Technology Purchases Account Codes

Below is a list of commonly used account codes for various technology goods and software and when to use them. After reviewing this list, if you are still unsure of which Account code to use when allocating your purchase, please contact Procurement Services for assistance.

Please also keep in mind that when you make a purchase, it’s possible that you may need to use several different account codes for different items on one order. For example, if you are purchasing a software for your department but that software comes with a license fee, an annual maintenance fee, and some skilled services, you should have 3 different account codes for those separate types of expenses.

If Procurement Services purchases a technology item on your behalf through eVA, the most appropriate account code will be on the eVA order. You should always use the code(s) included in the eVA order for your allocation.

Goods/Physical Technology Item Account Codes

71373 – Computer Equipment Supplies*

Any type of computer accessories such as keyboards, mice, monitors, external hard drives, etc. Also includes any type of computer component such as memory, mother boards, fans, batteries, etc.

72211/72211F – Desktop Computers

Use for desktop computers. Include the F if the desktop computer itself is $2,000 or greater.

72212/72212F – Mobile Computers

Use for laptops, iPads, tablets, and other 2-in-1 type mobile computers. Include the F if the mobile computer itself is $2,000 or greater.

72217/72217F – Peripherals – Printers – Imagers*

Use for any type of computer peripheral, but particularly printers and scanners. Include the F if the peripheral or printer/imager is $2,000 or greater.

72231/72231F – Electronic Equipment*

Can include any type of electronic equipment from mice to wireless presentation remotes to voice recorders to webcams.

***Use your best judgment when deciding between which account code is most appropriate, particularly between 71373, 72217, and 72231.

Software Account Codes

71275 – Software Maintenance

For maintenance, fixes, or patches to software.

72218/72218F – Purchase of Software

Purchase of new software that you buy once and you have forever. Add the F if it is a one-time software purchase that is $2,000 or greater.

72218L – Software Licenses (Limited Term)

This code will be used for MOST software purchased by the University. This is software (new purchase or renewal) that has license or term dates. Most software licenses are annual licenses, but some could be monthly or quarterly recurring. When using this code, you must include your license dates (“pre-pay dates“) in your eVA order preferably within the line items, in your Works allocation if paying by charge card, or in your Banner receiving if paying by check.