EO35 Changes to SWaM Quote Purchasing Requirements

Governor Northam’s Executive Order 35, “advancing equity for small, women, minority, and service-disabled veteran-owned businesses and state contracting,” which was signed into effect on 7/3/2019 will have some impact on the way UMW purchases goods and services. The Executive Order (EO) replaces Executive Order 20, signed into effect in 2014.

What YOU need to know about EO35:

Much of what you already know and do STILL applies:

  • Small Purchase Procedure exemption tables for competition and/or eVA requirements still apply
  • Single Quote Limit¹ remains at $10,000
  • University SWaM Plan remains at 42%
  • You can, and should, still purchase off of existing contracts whenever possible

¹ Single Quote Limit = For purchases up to $10,000, one qualified certified-micro quote is required.

This is what is NEW to you:

  • Purchases up to $10,000 must be made with a certified-micro business (designated with an “O” in eVA), if the quote:
      • meets your specifications, and
      • the price is fair and reasonable (does not exceed 5% of the lowest quoted price from another non-certified business that also meets your specifications)

What is a Certified-Micro Business?

From the DSBSD Website: A business may be certified as a micro business if it is first certified as a small business pursuant to 7VAC13-20-40 and, together with its affiliates, has 25 or fewer employees and average annual gross receipts of $3 million or less averaged over the previous three years.

When will this effect me as a Cardholder?

The University will begin reviewing payment card files for compliance with this Executive Order for the September-October SPCC and Local Card billing cycles (Sept. 14 – Oct.15 for SPCC, Sept. 26 – Oct. 25 for Local). This will allow Cardholders enough time to learn and understand the impact to their daily operations.

How can I better understand this new policy?


Group and individual training opportunities by Procurement Services to assist the community in understanding this new policy.

How To Guide

Or you can visit the Certified Business Quote Requirements page for additional resources.