The Procurement Services Department’s goal is to assist the UMW community in the purchasing of goods and services necessary to support the mission of the University. This includes providing educational opportunities and resources, such as those below, to our users. This education may be necessary to complete certain requirements based on your role within the University, or may be optional for professional development opportunities, refresher training, or individual one-on-one assistance with a particular purchase or circumstance.

Foundations of Procurement

Foundations of Procurement is a module-based course designed to educate campus users on Procurement-related topics in digestible, bite-sized segments. The library of modules is expected to grow as more content is created. Read through at your own pace and test your knowledge with the exercises at the end of each module.


  • Annual SPCC Training – Required for all new SPCC Cardholders and Approvers, and annually as directed by the Program Administrator.
  • Buyer Training – This training is required for new SPCC holders and is conducted by the TESS department.  Existing users are also encouraged to register for refresher training.
  • Contract Administrator Training – Required for all newly designated Contract Administrators, and annually for designated Contract Administrators as directed by Procurement Services.
  • Procurement Hands-On Lab – Procurement offers users the opportunity to receive hands-on support and assistance through weekly Hands-On Lab sessions. Registration for these sessions is strongly encouraged.