Purchase/Payment Approval Form

Please verify your department budget before submitting your request. If you need assistance, contact the TESS department.

All purchases and/or payments, regardless of fund source (state, local, foundation, agency 8xxx), require Cabinet level approval prior to completion. Review by the Cabinet member is facilitated through submitting the form below. Once approved or denied, you will be notified with next steps on how to make the purchase or payment, including reactivation of your charge card if needed.

If you have general questions about the purchase/payment request process, please visit the Purchase/Payment Approval Process FAQ page or contact Michelle Pickham or Lindsay Fare.

Message Regarding PPE:

The Central Storeroom has a list of PPE items readily available for distribution to your department, if needed. If what you need is not available, please request your PPE needs using the Facilities Work Order Request Form and indicate for Step #3 your request is for Health/Safety.

Please fill out the Purchase/Payment Approval Request form below to facilitate Cabinet approval: