Technology Purchases

Technology equipment and software purchases are reviewed, approved, and purchased via partnership with the Division of Information Technology , the Procurement Services Department, and department buyers. For this reason, equipment, software and peripherals have been assigned a classification to clearly define the “who, what, when, and how” of the procurement process. The 3 classification types are: Buy Your Own, Standard, and Non-Standard. The classification system allows you to select or request equipment and software by use of online forms and pre-approved item listings.

Before you begin, know this –

Direct all ETF purchases (those using funding source 1117) to the IT Business Office.

All software requests will require the Non-Standard form. Software requests include not only items like Adobe Acrobat or other licensed product, but also web hosting services and service maintenance agreements.

Standard and Non-Standard purchases are entered in eVA on behalf of a department buyer. The online form (links below) allows for proper item selection and routing. Among other information, the forms will require you to:

  • Provide the appropriate FOAP
  • Designate an eVA buyer with a SPCC**
  • Designate an exact delivery address.

Have this information handy before completing the form. Form information cannot be saved or revised by you, once submitted.

Below are the three main types of classifications, a brief description of the classification type, and the appropriate link to the form. Please review these lists with each new purchase request you have, as lists will be updated to support the newest technology and upgrade needs, where appropriate.

Classification List

  • Buy Your Own – This is a list of pre-approved categories of goods. Buyers may order items directly while adhering to all Procurement regulations. Contact Procurement Services for assistance if the total procurement exceeds $5000.00.
  • Standard form – Items on this form meet University guidelines, and items can be supported by our Help Desk team. To begin, view the list within the form and make your selection. The form will be routed to Procurement Services and ordered on behalf of the department buyer by the Procurement Services staff.
  • Non-Standard form – Use this form for all software requests or Items not listed within the other classification listings. Non-Standard item requests are reviewed by the technology group prior to the purchase. Begin the request by completing the online Non-Standard form. The technology group will contact you directly regarding the status of your requests. Approved requests will be ordered on the behalf of the department buyer by the Procurement Services staff.

** If the vendor accepts the credit card for payment.

Questions can be directed to the Procurement Services Office.