Buy Your Own

Items in the following list are pre-approved and require no technology request form submission or IT approval prior to purchasing. Users are permitted to order directly from catalogs, retail stores, etc. following all state procurement guidelines. Any purchase under $5,000.00 will require a small vendor quote for the order unless procuring from a contracted vendor. Please contact Procurement Services if the purchase exceeds $5,000.00 or if assistance is required.

Before making a purchase on your own, please make sure that you understand the vendor’s return policy. If you require technical assistance prior to making a purchase, please contact IT Support Services.

Items marked “*” may be purchased at the UMW Bookstore with the appropriate and authorized FOAP.

Items below are examples. If the item is not listed, please continue to the Standard form. If the item is also not on the Standard form, it will require a Non-Standard form request.

  • Non Apple branded mice and keyboards
    • Caution: If you need assistance selecting a mouse or keyboard, please contact the Help Desk for assistance prior to purchasing.
  • Laptop Bags*
  • Non Apple branded iPad and Tablet Cases/Sleeves/Covers
    • Caution: iPad Smart Cases require a Standard Technology Request Form
  • Non Apple branded cables including but not limited to HDMI, Ethernet, DVI, VGA, etc.
    • Caution: If you are not sure know which cable you need, please contact the Help Desk for assistance prior to purchasing.
  • PowerPoint Presentation remotes
  • Laptop Locks*
  • Battery Backups
    • 550VA UPS (~$60.00)
  • Headsets
    • Caution: Computer Headsets are available as a Buy Your Own Item, but if you require a headset to work with your university phone, please contact the Help Desk for assistance to identify compatible headsets
  • Still and video digital cameras including webcams (contact the Help Desk for assistance if needed)
  • SD Memory cards*
  • Flash Drives* – 2GB, 4GB, 8GB, 16GB, 32GB  encrypted and non-encrypted
    • Encrypted flash drives should feature 256-bit AES hardware-based encryption
    • 64GB flash drives may be requested through the Non-Standard purchasing form
    • Purchasers must follow UMW security standards when purchasing/using flash drives, and may purchase approved flash drives directly (while following all purchasing requirements), or from the UMW Bookstore.
    • Caution: U3 flash drives are NOT compatible with campus copiers.

Security data and encryption policies:

Electronic Storage of Highly Sensitive Data

Data Encryption