At the end of each billing cycle, the Small Purchase Charge Card must be reconciled using the online Bank of America tool Works. Cardholders are responsible for keeping all documentation related to each purchase in a physical payment card file in addition to providing allocation, details, and receipts (electronic documents) in Works. This page includes resources to assist with both SPCC and Works Reconciliations.

SPCC & Works Reconciliation Checklists

The following checklists are resources for Cardholders and Approvers to make sure all proper documentation is provided within the SPCC Payment Card File and all required actions are performed in Works for each transaction.

SPCC Payment Card File Checklist

Works Reconciliation Checklist

payment card file icon

SPCC Payment Card File Checklist

Works Reconciliation Checklist

Works Document Upload Guide

Electronically-uploaded documents streamline the process for Approvers to review transaction supporting documentation to verify for accuracy prior to sign off. This Works Document Upload instructional guide aims to lead Cardholders through the process of uploading documents to Works and guide Approvers through the process of viewing attached documents. Procurement strongly encourages the use of this function.

Tips for Remotely Maintaining SPCC Files

Cardholders are still expected to keep physical files of their transactions with all backup documentation when operations return to normal. Since many employees are teleworking, keeping up with SPCC documentation may be difficult. Here are some tips on how to maintain the documents for your files and keep organized while working remotely.


  • Maintain a log sheet (Excel, Word, etc.) of all transactions you make. Included is a sample SPCC Logsheet Template you can download and use. The below picture is only a small part of the logsheet; for the full version, click the link for the template.

  • Keep a folder on your computer desktop for your SPCC documents. Keep separate folders for each billing cycle and/or each transaction. This gives you a central place to keep all your documents that you need to print when you get back into the office.
  • If you don’t already have Adobe Acrobat Pro DC (not Adobe Acrobat Reader), talk to your supervisor about purchasing the software ( ~$160 per license; will need an approved non-standard technology request form prior to purchasing). Adobe Acrobat allows you to create pdfs, edit pdfs, convert webpages and other media to pdfs, create fillable forms, etc. This software is very helpful when wanting to capture website information in a standard document format to be uploaded to Works.