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Information on this page will equip you with the knowledge to navigate Finance and Procurement Services systems of UMW.   You will find overviews of the systems, step-by-step guides with visual aids, as well as short videos.   When accessing this information from off campus you must login to the VPN Client.

Whatever your learning style, we are here to help you excel in your Finance obligations.   The TESS Video Library is a great resource to see processes in action!

Listed below are training guides and information for the following Finance-related systems, tools or processes:


Accounts Payable

Finance and Reports

Online Payment Processing (Cashnet)

Time & Attendance

Instructional Materials



eVA is a web-based procurement system used by Virginia government agencies to announce bid opportunities, receive quotes and place orders for goods and services.

Login to eVA

Training Manuals 

eVA User Manual– step-by-step instruction and information related to procurement within eVA.

Procurement Resources

Office Move Information Form

  • The Office Move Information Form is used to communicate relocation information. This information is used to update shipping information in eVA.

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SPCC   –   Small Purchase Credit Card

The Bank of America Visa is the SPCC selected for use by all state agencies and institutions in Virginia. The SPCC should be used for all purchases under $50,000 where the selected supplier accepts it. The card may be used for official UMW business purchases only.

Training Manual and Reference Guides

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Works Manual and Reference Guides


The SPCC and the UMW Finance card utilize the Works electronic online system to review, code, and approve credit card transactions. Cardholders and cardholder managers can view current or past transactions at any time, as well as set up billing and other reports to run according to schedule.

The UMW Finance Card is managed by Accounts Payable. Card overview, billing cycle dates and card purpose can be viewed from the UMW Finance Card site.

The SPCC is managed by the Procurement Services department. Card regulations can be reviewed as written in the SPCC manual and by visiting the purchasing website.

Training Manual

Works Reference Guides

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Direct Pay Table and Due Dates

Direct Pay Requests are entered directly into Banner INB for purchases where a purchase order is not required. Consult the Direct Pay Table for a list of eligible purchase categories and the Prompt Pay Due Dates table for the appropriate date for your Direct Pay invoice. All invoices should be forwarded to

Reference Links

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Travel/Chrome River

Instructional Materials

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University Entertainment

University faculty and staff who contract with performers or performance-related suppliers must follow specific guidelines to comply with procurement regulations and obtain proper contract signatures.

Reference Guide

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Banner 9

Banner 9 allows those with Finance budget query privileges the capability to view FOAPAL information and operational balances by query or reporting functions. Features include:

  • Standard Reporting Options
  • Varied Queries by FOAP or Rule Class
  • Drill Down to Document Capabilities
  • Form Prints and Saves (html, text)
  • Extractions to Excel
  • Cash balances

Training Manuals

Below is a list of Instructional Materials for Banner 9.

Video Library
Videos are compatible with QuickTime player.
Download QuickTime Player.

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SSB – Self-Service Banner

Self Service Banner provides the user advantages of click and drill down capabilities, ease of Journal Entries, quick searches of multiple funding sources per Organization code, and downloads to Excel on Hierarchy budget reports.  Disadvantages to SSB would include the inability to view Cash balances and the lack of a standard paper report.

Training Manual

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Budget and Systems Overview for Chairs and Administrators

At the beginning of every fiscal year, the training department within the division of Administration and Finance offers group instruction to new and current Chairs. Instruction focuses on financial systems and associated financial duties of the supervisory position. The class will focus on:

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Designated Signer

University of Mary Washington President, Dr. Troy D. Paino, has designated signing authority on his behalf to specific individuals on campus.   These individuals are designated to sign specified contracts and administrative documents as identified by the statement “€œPresident or Designee”.   Click here for more information.

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Finance SharePoint Reporting

Access customized reports through SharePoint for assistance in carrying out Finance duties.   Your AD password is required for access and some forms may require Banner access.   Below are guides to various report that are currently available.

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Microsoft Excel

Many University financial reports can be exported to Excel to view and filter data. The Microsoft Excel Manual provides an overview of Excel tools and functions to support operational efficiency.

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The University of Mary Washington uses Cashnet as a payment tool to allow departments to accept online credit card and/or eCheck payments for events, such as conference or workshop registrations, athletic camps, concerts, seminars, etc.

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The University’s automated time and attendance system used by the following:

  • Students,wage, and full time  employees for time and attendance
  • Graduate Assistants and Interns, and Professional Development employees for time and attendance
  • Classified Staff and Administrative faculty for leave requests and reporting
  • Supervisors responsible for approving time, attendance and leave

Additional Instructional Materials are available on the Payroll website:






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