Designated Signers for the President


University of Mary Washington President, Dr. Troy D. Paino, has designated signing authority on his behalf to specific individuals.  These individuals are designated to sign certain administrative documents as identified by the statement “President or Designee.” Delegations shall include the training needed to ensure compliance with applicable laws and regulations and to uphold the integrity of the University. This designation comes with notable responsibility. President Paino is entrusting you to make prudent judgments on his behalf. It is your responsibility to lead by example and be knowledgeable of rules and regulations. There are two types of designations by the President: (1) Contract signing authority and (2) Finance signing authority.

  • Contract Signing

A list of delegations and the dollar limit of authority shall be maintained by the Procurement Services Department. Visit Procurement Services website or contact them at (540) 654-1084 for more information.



  • Finance Signing

A list of delegations for signing/approving Finance documents will be maintained by the Accounts Payable Department. These Designated Signers have authority to approve certain Finance-oriented forms as detailed.