Student Travel / Travel with Students

It is the University’s opinion that UMW employees should not have the burden of paying for student travel-related expenses. For those travel-related expenses which are not allowed on the SPCC, the Commonwealth expects employees to pay for their OWN official business travel-related expenses and request reimbursement AFTER the travel has happened.

The University finds it inappropriate for an employee to have to “front” or pay for a student’s travel expenses and wait for reimbursement. The SPCC is allowed to be used for some travel-related expenses for both employees and students (see Available Credit Cards for details) and the SPCC should be used to pay for allowed expenses.

For travel-related items which cannot be paid using the SPCC, UMW will allow the option of using a UMW Finance Card to pay for all allowed travel-related expenses (expenses for both the student AND the employee) WHEN TRAVELING WITH STUDENTS. ALL of the state limits and regulations apply. Exceptions apply to 8 Funds (when the Banner FOAP funding the expense begins with an “8”). If you have questions, contact Accounts Payable at 654-1226. See grey box below for guidance.

If you are traveling with one or more students, click on the link that best describes the situation:

REIMBURSEMENTS — IF A STUDENT WILL BE REIMBURSED for anything (taxi or mileage; airport parking; meals; etc.), the Questionnaire at this site will need to be completed if the student is not already in Chrome River (either the student OR the UMW contact person can complete the Questionnaire). See this Chrome River FAQ: How long does it take to get a student or guest into Chrome River and does the student or guest need to be in Chrome River in order to do a pre-approval?

  • Completing the Questionnaire starts the process of getting the student into Chrome River so a reimbursement can be done after the travel has happened, so go ahead and start this Questionnaire process as soon as you know the person will need to be reimbursed for anything.
  • AFTER the travel has happened, enter the Expense reimbursement report in Chrome River. (MAKE SURE THE STUDENT’S FIRST AND LAST NAME ARE IN THE REPORT NAME.)
  • REMEMBER TO DO A PRE-APPROVAL in Chrome River IN ADVANCE if overnight travel is involved OR if the travel is day-only travel over $500.
    • The individual’s name does NOT have to be in Chrome River (for the non-employee field) for a Pre-Approval report.
    • Include the student’s FIRST and LAST NAME in the report name on the Pre-Approval UNLESS the travel is with a group, in which case, use “Multiple” as the Traveler/Payee Type and enter the students’ names in the appropriate field.

Details regarding State Travel Regulations and expense limits can be found at