Travel with Students

It is the University’s opinion that UMW employees should not have the burden of paying for student travel-related expenses. For those travel-related expenses which are not allowed on the SPCC, the Commonwealth expects employees to pay for their OWN official business travel-related expenses and request reimbursement AFTER the travel has happened.

The University finds it inappropriate for an employee to have to “front” or pay for a student’s travel expenses and wait for reimbursement. The SPCC is allowed to be used for some travel-related expenses for both employees and students (see Available Credit Cards for details) and the SPCC should be used to pay for allowed expenses.

For travel-related items which cannot be paid using the SPCC, UMW will allow the option of using a UMW Finance Card to pay for all allowed travel-related expenses (expenses for both the student AND the employee) WHEN TRAVELING WITH STUDENTS. ALL of the state limits and regulations apply. Exceptions apply to 8 Funds (when the Banner FOAP funding the expense begins with an “8”). If you have questions, contact Accounts Payable at 654-1224.

If you are traveling with one or more students for:

Details regarding State Travel Regulations and expense limits can be found at