Guest Travel

See guidance below to help provide a smooth experience for UMW Guests (Job Candidates, Speakers, etc.).

NOTE ABOUT JOB CANDIDATES: If considering offering a transition incentive (to help with relocation, for example) to a job candidate, CAREFULLY READ and follow instructions at the transition incentive site PRIOR TO any discussions with the candidate!


Steps for Travel and/or Reimbursement

  1. If the guest will spend the night or if the travel is day-only travel over $500, create/submit a Travel Pre-Approval in Chrome River and include ALL expected travel expenses (lodging, airfare, mileage, etc.) on the Pre-Approval. (If overnight travel is not involved, a Pre-Approval is not required unless the day-only travel exceeds $500.)
    • Include the guest’s FIRST and LAST NAME in the report name on the Pre-Approval.
    • The individual’s name does NOT have to be in Chrome River (for the non-employee field) for a Pre-Approval. IF you do not see the name, select Person Not Found.
  2. If lodging at a local hotel, FOLLOW DETAILED INSTRUCTIONS at the Lodging Direct Pay Table. (Making the reservations correctly is important!)
  3. IMMEDIATELY AFTER MAKING LODGING RESERVATIONS, EMAIL the fully approved Pre-Approval to (Reason: When the invoice arrives from the hotel, Accounts Payable needs to know if the bill from the hotel is legitimate and needs to match the Pre-Approval with the invoice.)
  4. IF the individual will be reimbursed for anything (taxi or mileage; airport parking; meals; etc.), the Questionnaire at this site will need to be completed either by the individual OR by the UMW contact person if the guest is not already in Chrome River. (See this Chrome River FAQ: How long does it take to get a student or guest into Chrome River and does the student or guest need to be in Chrome River in order to do a pre-approval?)
    • Completing the Questionnaire starts the process of getting the individual into Chrome River so a reimbursement can be done for the candidate after the travel has happened, so go ahead and start this Questionnaire process as soon as you know the person will need to be reimbursed for anything.
    • AFTER the travel has happened, enter the Expense reimbursement report in Chrome River. (Make sure the guest’s first and last name are in the report name.)

What expenses can UMW pay for directly?

  • IF taking a guest to a meal, see Securing a UMW Finance Card for Business Meal/Food Payment at the Business Meal page and read that page carefully to avoid out-of-pocket expenses.
  • A UMW Card is allowed to pay for Airfare/Rail and Shuttle/Public Transportation (to/from airport). See Available Credit Cards for details. (Travel restrictions may need to be lifted from the UMW Card.)
  • A Direct Pay Process is allowed to pay for contracted Local Hotel(s). UMW will pay for ONLY allowed room rate and taxes on allowed room rate. See Lodging on Direct Pay Table for guidance and additional links on that page for detailed instructions that must be followed.

ALL travel regulations apply to guests. Help your guest avoid out-of-pocket expenses by sharing this TRAVEL site as a starting point for travel-oriented items.