Team Travel

Each UMW Team Coach may be provided a UMW Finance Card that can be used to pay for:

  • Travel-related expenses WHEN TRAVELING WITH YOUR TEAM and
  • ANY allowed travel or non-travel related expense when the funding source is an 8 Fund. (For example, if a coach is traveling without the team for recruiting purposes AND an 8 fund is the funding source, the UMW Finance Card may be used.)


Athletics uses the Itinerary and Expense Form for all overnight travel and any day-only travel.


The General Team Travel Helpful Hints Table is a table designed to help coaches understand the difference between the SPCC and a UMW Finance Card that is in the coach’s name.



If the purchase is split-coded between an 8xxx Fund and a 35xx or 15xx Fund, then ALL STATE TRAVEL and PROCUREMENT REGULATIONS AND LIMITS APPLY; however, 8 Funds are allowed to pay for excess in lodging and meals. The Coach is held responsible for ALL charges made against the Card. If the Coach is traveling professionally i.e., traveling WITHOUT the team, then the Coach is NOT allowed to use the UMW Finance Card for any purchases and must follow the UMW Travel Regulations. Regarding the UMW Finance Card for Team Travel, the following will occur:

  1. The Coach is responsible for contacting Accounts Payable (AP) to request a Card.
  2. The UMW Program Administrator (PA) will give the coach an Employee Agreement that requires the signature of the Coach and the signature of the Coach’s supervisor (and for Athletics, the card manager’s signature is also required beside the Coach’s supervisor’s signature).
  3. After receiving a properly signed Employee Agreement from the Coach, the PA will order a UMW Finance Card with the Coach’s name on the Card.  The PA will establish the Coach as a user in the Bank of America WORKS system and will provide the Coach with a temporary password.
  4. The Coach will receive an email from Bank of America and should IMMEDIATELY log into the Bank of America WORKS system and establish a new password for WORKS.
  5. The Coach should remember his user ID and password.  If the Coach forgets the password, contact the PA for a new temporary password.  (After receiving a new temporary password from the PA, the Coach will repeat the steps above and change the temporary password.)
  6. The PA will notify the Coach when the Card is ready to be picked up at the Accounts Payable Office.
  7. The Coach will go to the Accounts Payable office to pick up the Card and will receive guidance regarding the WORKS system. (WORKS training is also provided on-line.)
  8. The UMW PA will provide the Coach a UMW Finance Card with the coach’s name on the Card.  If requested, the PA will also provide a COPY of the signed UMW Finance Card Employee Agreement to the Coach. ( The PA keeps the original document in the AP Office.)

The Coach is responsible for:

  • Making only appropriate and allowable expenditures using the UMW Finance Card. Personal charges are NOT allowed on the UMW Finance Card for any reason.
  • Assigning a Banner FOAP and “signing off” on-line in the Bank of America WORKS system for EACH authorized charge made on the Card. This process can be done after each purchase, but all transactions must have the correct Banner FOAP in WORKS by the end of the Card cycle.  (NOTE:  Some FOAP elements automatically default in WORKS, but the Coach is responsible for ensuring the correct FOAP is entered.  The FOAP in WORKS is the FOAP that will be charged in Banner.) The Cardholder “signing off” process is mandatory in order for the available credit line funding on the Card to be reestablished.  See Credit Card Processes for details regarding problems.
  • Printing the Cardholder Billing Statement at the close of each billing cycle.
  • Attaching to the Cardholder Billing Statement, all original, detailed, itemized receipts IN DATE ORDER (earliest date to latest date) for EACH transaction on the Billing Statement.  NOTE: If you are missing a receipt and have made every reasonable attempt to obtain a copy of the detailed, itemized receipt, you must complete the comments section in WORKS for this transaction.  Note that the receipt is missing and explain the steps taken to try to obtain a duplicate receipt.  Also include the following verbiage in your comments  I hereby certify that the expenses were incurred by me and are necessary and appropriate expenditures for UMW. By my sign-off, I acknowledge that the goods purchased become the property of UMW and services provided were for UMW.
  • Attaching to the Cardholder Billing Statement and receipts, all ATM or cash withdrawal receipts ALONG WITH receipts/documentation of per diem distributed, showing how the cash was used.
  • Attaching any other required or helpful documentation.
  • Forwarding the receipt packet (Cardholder Billing Statement, receipts, ATM receipts, per diem sheet, etc.) to the Cardholder’s on-line approver AFTER the Cardholder has “signed off” on each transaction.
  • Ensuring the receipt packet is in the Accounts Payable Office no later than the fourth (6th) of each month to ensure timely payment to Bank of America.  (If the 6th falls on a weekend or holiday, the receipt packet is due in AP the prior business day.)
  • Contacting Bank of America by phone or on-line in WORKS regarding any disputed charges.
  • Contacting Bank of America AND the UMW PA IMMEDIATELY regarding a lost or stolen Card.
  • Reimbursing UMW for any inappropriate or unallowed expenditure on the Card.
  • Attending training sessions.

If the Coach fails to follow these procedures, the privilege of having the UMW Finance Card can be revoked WITHOUT alternative purchasing mechanisms, including cash advances. NOTE:  UMW Finance Card violation consequences are found at Card Violation Consequences. The UMW Accounts Payable staff will review (on-line) transactions/charges made using this Card and will take appropriate action on any discrepancies. The Employee agreement allows UMW through Payroll regulations to withhold the funds from Payroll if there are any discrepancies that the cardholder fails to repay. Details regarding State Travel Regulations and expense limits can be found in Travel Information.

Bank of America WORKS procedures

Please go to Credit Card Processes for the UMW Finance Card for Bank of America WORKS instructions, including instructions for signing off on each transaction.