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NOTE ABOUT OPENING FORMS: Chrome as the default browser doesn’t allow Adobe Reader to open a PDF from the website. You will need to save the file to the desktop and then right click on the file and select “open with” and then select Adobe Reader from the list of programs. Then, you should check the box that reads “always use this app to open .pdf files.”

Travel Pre-Approval & Reimbursement (Travel and Non-Travel) Requests

Use Chrome River for Travel Pre-Approvals and for ALL reimbursement requests (travel and non-travel). This link will take you to the main Chrome River website that has detailed information, including links to video tutorials on how to use Chrome River.

A Travel Pre-Approval is required when:

  • An employee, student or guest of the University travels overnight.
  • An employee, student or guest of the University has DAY-ONLY travel that EXCEEDS $500.
  • Payment is made to a lodging facility.
  • Payment is made for a conference or registration fee where travel is involved and the total cost for the travel, including the conference or registration fee, exceeds $500.

Pre-Approvals should be completed and fully approved PRIOR to any travel purchases. If dates show that the Pre-Approval was done after the purchase, an explanation will need to be provided in Chrome River. See FAQs for details.

Invoice for Direct Pay Request Form

Download PDF version

This form must be used to request payment for the following:

  • Honorarium
  • Non-Employee Cash Award (UMW Student Employees can be paid cash awards using this form.)
  • University Refund (Refunds are NOT the same as Reimbursements.  See the “University Refunds” section on the Direct Pay Table for details.)
  • Direct Pay Requests for Honoraria, Non-Employee Cash Awards, and University Refunds that are split-coded OUTSIDE of your FOAPAL security

Business Meal and Food Approval Form

Please read the regulations at Business Meals where you will find a Business Meal and Food Approval Form and information to avoid out-of-pocket expenses. If you plan to be reimbursed for ANY meals OTHER THAN meals when traveling overnight, this form must be completed and you must submit ORIGINAL, DETAILED, ITEMIZED, receipts that shows items served–NOT just a total amount.

Gift Log Form (non-cash gifts)

Download PDF version

This Gift Log Form must be used for any gifts that are given from UMW. (This form is NOT to be used for employee job performance recognition; contact Human Resources for employee recognition policies.) If multiple pages are needed, print multiple pages and complete. NOTE: Electronic signatures are not permitted. The form MUST be completed as directed within the policy. Read “Gift Giving Policy and Procedures” for details. This completed Gift Log Form, along with a DETAILED, ITEMIZED RECEIPT, must be submitted to Accounts Payable (AP) within 15 days from the date the gift is purchased. Any gift must be distributed within 15 days from the date the gift is purchased.

Vendor Registration Information Form AND Commonwealth of Virginia Substitute W-9 Form (for U.S. entities) OR applicable IRS Withholding form (for foreign entities)

The Vendor Registration Information Form must be completed if you wish to be a vendor for UMW.In addition to the Vendor Registration Information Form, US citizens, residents, and businesses must complete a Commonwealth of Virginia Substitute W-9 Form. Foreign citizens, residents, and companies must complete the appropriate IRS form for payments, including REIMBURSEMENTS, from UMW.  Use the headings below to determine which forms must be completed.

US Citizen, US resident alien, US business or organization
The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) requires UMW to obtain a signed W-9 from each individual who is a US citizen or US resident alien and from each corporation, company, partnership, or association created or organized in the US or under the US laws. The Commonwealth of Virginia has a substitute W-9 that is required in lieu of the IRS W-9. If you fall into this category please download, complete, and sign the Commonwealth of Virginia Substitute W-9 Form.

Note that the Commonwealth of Virginia Substitute W-9 Form should be returned to the UMW Accounts Payable Office and NOT to Richmond as instructed on the Commonwealth of Virginia Substitute W-9 Form.  Please mail completed forms to University of Mary Washington, ATTENTION:  Accounts Payable, 1301 College Avenue, Fredericksburg, VA 22401. Contact Accounts Payable at 540-654-1226 or with any questions.

Vendors (entities that bill UMW for items/services) download and submit BOTH forms.  Students and guests who do NOT send a bill to UMW need to download and submit only the Commonwealth of Virginia Substitute W-9 Form (COV W-9).

PDF Vendor Registration Information Form

PDF version of the Commonwealth of Virginia Substitute W-9 Form (COV W-9) NOTE that the state will NOT accept electronic signatures. The signature must be a hand-written signature.

PDF of COV W-9 SAMPLE Do NOT use this version for the COV W-9. This document shows the highlighted fields on the Commonwealth of Virginia Substitute W-9 Form that need to be completed by students and guests (such as job candidates) to submit to Accounts Payable for entry in Chrome River.


Foreign individuals and businesses

In general, foreign individuals and businesses are subject to US tax at a 30% rate on income and/or reimbursements they receive from US sources. However, foreign individuals or businesses who wish to claim various exemptions from this withholding and to notify UMW of their foreign status are required to file a Withholding Certificate Form. These forms can be found on the IRS website using the link below.

In order to receive payment from UMW, a foreign individual or business must complete the appropriate form and mail it to University of Mary Washington, Accounts Payable, 1301 College Avenue, Fredericksburg, VA 22401. Contact Accounts Payable at 540-654-1226 or AT LEAST ONE MONTH in advance of having a foreign vendor or non-resident alien provide a lecture or other service to UMW, or to request a reimbursement from UMW. Contact Accounts Payable if  you have questions or need help.

Download appropriate form from the IRS website link at:


UMW Finance Card Agreements and Forms

Review the list below for the UMW Finance Card Agreement that best describes your particular situation.

UMW Finance Card Agreement for Business Meals
Go to the Business Meal website to read the regulations and download the Business Meal and Food Approval Form. The Business Meal and Food Approval Form has a UMW Finance Card section at the bottom of the form. The UMW Finance Card section MUST be signed in the presence of the issuer of the UMW Finance Card. ANY exceptions must have the written approval of the Associate Vice President for Finance.

UMW Finance Card Agreement for Cards that are checked out to Card users

NOTE: The person who uses the UMW Finance Card MUST sign the agreement in the presence of the issuer of the UMW Finance Card. The signature of the card user is INVALID on all of these forms UNLESS SIGNED IN THE PRESENCE OF THE ISSUER OF THE UMW FINANCE CARD.

Download PDF version of agreement form.

Read Student Activities for details.
Read Campus Recreation for details.
Read Honor Council for details.
Please read Residence Life for details.
Read Other Student Travel for details.
Read Agency 8 Funds for details.

UMW Finance Card Agreement for Cards that are issued in the NAME of an individual

Download PDF version of Agreement Form.

  • For Cards relating to a specific Study Abroad program, read Study Abroad for details.
  • For Cards relating to Team Travel, read Team Travel for details.
  • For Cards relating to a specific Faculty-Lead Travel program, read Faculty-Lead Travel Programs for details.
  • For Cards that are NOT listed above AND have an individual’s name on it AND are used for payments that are made from local funds, read Card Processes for details regarding responsibilities associated with your Card.


Departmental Card Issuer Annual Employee Agreements