Charge Cards


See Available Charge Cards to determine which credit card is right for your particular need.

If you hold a UMW Finance Card or if you supervise someone who holds a UMW Finance Card, see the following sites:

UMW Finance Card Processes – Explains the responsibilities surrounding Cardholders and Approvers.

Cardholders and Approvers site – Provides instructions regarding the responsibilities of Cardholders and Approvers

Billing Cycle Dates – Provides a table with Billing Cycle Dates for the UMW Finance Cards.

Training Information – Provides direction for Cardholders and Approvers to find training for their responsibilities surrounding UMW Finance Cards.

WORKS Manual – This page links to the TESS website for training in WORKS, which is the online system for the UMW Finance Card.

See Disallowed Expenses for expenses that are not allowed.

See Sales Tax Exempt page for the Sales Tax Exempt Form and detailed information about services/items that are tax exempt.