Direct Pay/Check Requests

If you want to be reimbursed for anything, please see Reimbursements.

If you want to request a check for anything OTHER THAN Reimbursement requests, Payroll or Foundation money, your request will have to be entered in Banner.  Direct Pay Requests that are defined on the Direct Pay Table should be entered directly in Banner.  All Purchase Orders (those things that are NOT Direct Pay Requests) will need to be entered directly in eVA.

How does this information get entered in Banner or eVA?

Someone in your department has been given the responsibility to enter electronic requests into Banner or eVA.  If that person is out for an extended period of time, your departmental supervisor will direct you.

See the Direct Pay Table for Instructions and definitions regarding direct pay requests.

If you are requesting payment for:
1.  Honorarium
2.  **Non-Employee Cash Award (see “**” below)
3.  University Refund, or
4.  Direct Pay Request (for honorarium, non-employee cash award, or university refund) that is split-coded to FOAPAL categories outside your security
You will need to complete the Invoice for Direct Pay Request (FAAINVE) Form.

If the payment request is for an honorarium AND the honorarium is being paid TO A UMW EMPLOYEE (including UMW STUDENT EMPLOYEES) YOU MUST GO THROUGH PAYROLL–NOT Accounts Payable. If an employee is paid for ANY service or Cash Award by UMW, the payment MUST be made through Payroll using the Special Pay Request Form to pay the employee for the service. By going through Payroll, the amount being paid by UMW has FICA withheld, which keeps UMW in compliance with IRS regulations. UMW wants to ensure it is fulfilling its FICA responsibilities. Please contact Payroll.
**EXCEPTION:  STUDENT EMPLOYEES CAN be paid cash awards or cash prizes through Accounts Payable using the Invoice for Direct Pay Request (FAAINVE) Form.

If you want to pick up a check , please see the Direct Pay Table link on the left OR see FAQ’s: How do I Request a Check Pick up.

If you want paperwork, such as a registration form, sent with the check, please see the Direct Pay Table link on the left OR see FAQ’s: How do I request to have paperwork sent with a check.

Unallowable (not reimbursable) Miscellaneous Expenses: Lost or stolen articles; alcoholic beverages; damage to personal vehicle, clothing or other items; movies charged to hotel bills; all expenses related to personal negligence, such as fines for parking or services used to gain entry to a locked vehicle; entertainment expenses; towing charges for personal vehicle; contributions; donations; charges for spouse, children and companions; personal needs such as medication, refrigeration–even if it’s for medication–hotel safe or other conveniences.

The above list is not all-inclusive. Remember that accounts are open to the public and must be able to sustain the test of public review.

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