UMW Finance Card Processes

This site will give instructions for the UMW Finance Cardholders and Cardholder Supervisors. If you:

  • Hold a UMW Finance Card in your own name,
  • Hold a UMW Finance Card in the name of a specific department, OR
  • Are the supervisor of a person who holds a UMW Finance Card,

you are required to complete annual training.  As a cardholder or supervisor of a cardholder, it is mandatory that you “sign off” (approve) all transactions on-line within WORKS. The Cardholder “sign off” process routes the transaction to the Cardholder Manager approval and restores the available credit line funding on the Card at the end of the Billing Cycle.

Within WORKS, signed off transactions route to the Cardholder Manager (CM) for approval. The CM will review the transaction and the accompanying paperwork within the Receipt Packet, and will then “sign off” as the approver. The CM sign off activity routes the transaction to Accounts Payable for final processing and approval.

For continued use of the Card, you must have Internal Procedures, which are “step-by-step” instructions to document the processes surrounding the use of the Card, including the procedures for checking out a card (for departmental cards) and procedures for forwarding Receipt Packets to supervisors and then to Accounts Payable. See the paragraph about Internal Procedures at the Finance web site for further instructions.

Cardholder Transaction Review

STEP 1: Review the transaction in WORKS. Edit (if necessary) and “sign off” in WORKS.

STEP 2: Keep all credit card paperwork for the Receipt Packet.

The receipt packet includes:

    1. Cardholder Billing Statement
    2. Detailed, itemized receipts (VISA slips showing only total with no detail are not acceptable.)
    3. Any required forms such as the PDF of the Travel Pre-Approval in Chrome River; Business Meal Form; UMW Finance Card Agreement, if a departmental Card is used; etc.
    4. Cash withdrawal and cash distribution documentation –IF the Card has this function. (Not all Cards have this option.)
    5. Any receipts from the Cashier where money was deposited for overages.
    6. Any other relevant or helpful paperwork.

STEP 3: Download the Cardholder Billing Statement and include within the Receipt Packet.

STEP 4: Forward the Receipt Packet and/or content according to your department Internal Procedures. The complete Receipt Packet must be to the Program Administrator in Accounts Payable by the date indicated within the Billing Cycle Chart.

Supervisor Transaction Review

STEP 1: Review invoices and receipts CAREFULLY before signing off on the Cardholder Transactions. If you have questions, return the transaction(s) to the Cardholder with notes. The “signing off” action will forward the transaction to the Program Administrator for final reconciliation and payment.

STEP 2: Forward the Receipt Packet to the Program Administrator by the due date indicated within the Billing Cycle Chart.