Honor Council

The UMW Finance Card for Honor Council may be checked out the Cashier following the procedures found at SAE; HOWEVER,

  • Only a STUDENT who is a member of Honor Council is allowed to check out a UMW Finance Card for Honor Council, AND
  • The Banner FOAP funding the expense MUST be the HONOR COUNCIL FOAP.

The student who checked out the Card is held responsible for ALL charges made against the Card during the time the student has the Card checked out, as indicated on the UMW Finance Card Agreement that must be signed by the Card user.

After the approved purchase has been made, the student should IMMEDIATELY submit the UMW Finance Card and ALL ORIGINAL, DETAILED, ITEMIZED receipts according to the instructions on the UMW Finance Card Agreement.  Receipts are required for all transactions on the Card during the time the student had the Card checked out.

If charged expenses exceed ANY State limits OR if the student fails to produce a receipt for a charge on the Card, UMW will ask the student to deposit (at the Cashier’s office in Lee Hall) the “overage” or inappropriate expense immediately.  The Cashier will give the student a receipt for the “repayment.” The student should keep a copy of the receipt from the Cashier in case it is ever needed in the future.

If the student refuses to deposit the money with the Cashier:

  • Accounts Payable will file paperwork to have the amount of the “overage” or inappropriate expense charged to the student’s student account;
  • The offending student will NOT have the privilege of using the UMW Finance Card again;
  • The offending student will NOT be given alternative purchasing mechanisms, including cash advances.

NOTE #1:  UMW Finance Card violation consequences are found at Card Violation Consequences.

NOTE #2: Instead of using the UMW Finance Card, the student also has the option of using his/her personal funds and seek reimbursement.  See Reimbursements for details regarding reimbursements.

Details regarding State Travel Regulations and expense limits can be found in Travel Information.