Out-of-Country Travel

Out-of-country travel requires approval of the President or Chief of Staff.

Enter the Travel Pre-Approval in Chrome River.  If the destination is outside the 48 contiguous states or if the destination is international, Chrome River will automatically route the request to the Chief of Staff for approval AFTER all other approvals (supervisor, budget, etc.) are complete.

All Travel Regulations apply.

Upon returning from your trip, enter the reimbursement request in Chrome River.

Use the video tutorial as a guide. Link to https://adminfinance.umw.edu/ap/video-training/ and scroll down to the INTERNATIONAL TRAVEL heading. The password for the video is found on the Chrome River homepage.

Helpful Hints to Consider

  • When selecting the destination location under Meals Per Diem and Lodging tiles, if you can’t find your city, enter the country name and “other” behind the country name. For example, for Warminster England United Kingdom, you would enter United Kingdom Other.  (Avoid commas!)
  • On the reimbursement expense side, select the currency of your receipt and Chrome River will do the conversion.
  • Use the same video tutorial page (password is the same for all videos and is found on the Chrome River homepage) to find other topics for your requests, such as:
    • Multiple Funding Sources
    • Student or Guest Reimbursement