UMW-funded travel has many requirements. The links on this site will help travelers (employees, students, and guests) navigate the various regulations, requirements, and available payment options. Except for items that can be purchased using a UMW credit card (for guidance, see Available Credit Cards), all UMW representatives and UMW guests are expected to incur travel expenses and then be reimbursed AFTER the travel (or event, if virtual) has happened.

Chrome River is used for ANY reimbursement (both travel and non-travel), and it is used for Travel Pre-Approvals.

  • A fully approved Travel Pre-Approval Report is needed for certain circumstances to make purchases for travel (regardless of payment method). Specifically, a Travel Pre-Approval in Chrome River is required for the following types of UMW-funded travel:
      • Any day-only travel $500 or more (including all expenses associated with the travel, including registration fees)
      • Any travel that involves overnight travel (regardless of amount)
  • An Expense Report must be created in Chrome River for reimbursement AFTER the travel or event.

Chrome River is programmed based upon IRS, Commonwealth of Virginia, and UMW regulations that are found within the links below. Use the links below to find specific details regarding the topics listed.

The typical order for overnight travel would be:

  • Complete a Travel Pre-Approval* in Chrome River
  • When the Travel Pre-Approval is FULLY approved, provide a copy of the approved document to your office manager and ask the office manager to make any purchases allowed on a UMW card*
  • Make any other purchases, such as lodging and meals, using personal methods (such as a personal credit card)*
  • AFTER the travel, create an Expense Report in Chrome River for reimbursement

*If traveling with students, see Travel with Students to use a special UMW card for payments

This Chrome River site has the following information and should help you navigate the processes:

  • Link to Chrome River Login
  • FAQ’s about Chrome River and processes
  • Link to the tutorial videos that are listed by topic

Use the links below for details about specific travel topics

Chrome River Frequently Asked Questions (this site provides links to the Chrome River system, FAQ’s, and tutorial videos)