Direct Deposit

Direct Deposit for reimbursements is mandatory for all Commonwealth employees. Direct Deposits for reimbursements are separate and distinct from Payroll Direct Deposit. Reimbursements for employees will not process in  Chrome River unless direct deposit information for REIMBURSEMENTS (separate from Payroll) is entered in Banner.

Follow the instructions below to enroll and manage your Direct Deposit information for reimbursements.

Employees are responsible for updating Direct Deposit information when any bank information changes, including but not limited to:

  • A change in bank
  • Bank merge
  • Inactivating or changing accounts

To Securely Enroll and Manage Your Direct Deposit Information:

1. Go to the UMW Home Page

2. Select Banner logo in the upper left corner of the webpage. Capture6

3. Select Banner SSB.


4. Sign in to Banner SSB using your NetID and Password.

Note: If a blank screen appears select the Compatibility View icon located in the address bar.


5. Select the Employee tab and select Enroll and Maintain Direct Deposit Information.


6. You will be directed to the Direct Deposit Allocation page.

Adding New Information

To add a new Accounts Payable Direct Deposit for the first time, select Add New.


Enter your Bank Routing Number, Account Number into the banking fields and select the Account Type (Checking/Savings).


Select the checkbox authorizing UMW to initiate direct credits or debits on your behalf


Click Save New Deposit


Update Existing Information

Only one Accounts Payable direct deposit for a checking or savings account is allowed on this form. Before adding a new direct deposit record, select and delete the existing record.

If you are already enrolled in Direct Deposit, to enter new banking information, you must first delete your old Direct Deposit information and then add new information.

To delete existing banking information:

Select the checkbox to the left of the Bank Name.


Click Delete to delete banking information

An alert will appear, asking if you are sure you want to delete. Click Delete.



NOTE: When updating bank routing and account numbers, you should see the correct bank name populate automatically. If the name appears incorrectly, please contact

When Direct Deposit information is added or updated, you will receive an email from confirming these changes.

Contact or 540-654-1225 for questions related to the direct deposit process for reimbursements.

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