Travel Information

As an agency of the Commonwealth of Virginia, UMW has a public obligation to ensure that all expenditures are essential and reasonable and to ensure all revenues due are timely collected in support of the mission of the University. Travel Regulations are set by the Commonwealth of Virginia, and UMW is a Tier II school; therefore, use UMW’s website for guidance. Travel policies and procedures specifically apply to all Departments, Offices, Students and Guests of the University, such as speakers, job candidates, etc. Except in cases where a contract states otherwise, travel expenses for businesses/companies/organizations are limited to UMW’s Travel Regulations and will be paid by UMW from an invoice in accordance with the Commonwealth of Virginia Prompt Payment Act.

Note: See the heading called For Foreign Entities-IRS Withholding Form on the Forms page for special IRS requirements that apply to foreign entities being paid, including reimbursement payments.

Making a travel purchase prior to having a FULLY approved Travel Pre-Approval may result in the delay or denial of reimbursement. UMW uses an online Travel Pre-Approval and Reimbursement system called Chrome River. See Chrome River and related travel pages for regulations to avoid out-of-pocket expenses (see items/services that are NOT allowed using State Funds).


  • Any overnight travel requires a Travel Pre-Approval fully approved prior to any travel expenses.
  • Any day-only travel totaling $500 or more requires a Travel Pre-Approval fully approved prior to any travel expenses. “Total travel” includes any expenses involved for that trip, such as mileage, registration fees, parking, etc.
  • Except for items that can be purchased using a UMW credit card, all UMW representatives and UMW guests are expected to incur travel expenses and then be reimbursed. See Available Charge Cards for options. Cash advances are strongly discouraged and will be granted only in cases of emergency (See Travel Cash Advances).
  • To receive reimbursement for ANY travel expenses, the request must go through Chrome River for individuals. (Companies/businesses/organizations are paid from invoices; the contract that includes travel expense language may be used as the Travel Pre-Approval.)
  • Any “earned credits” or benefits provided by credit card companies (or other establishments, such as hotels) for travel purchases (where the employee was reimbursed by UMW) should be “returned” to the state by way of using those earned credits for future UMW business.  (Often, faculty trips are NOT FULLY funded, in which case, the employee may not have been reimbursed for the items or services which earned the credits; therefore, the earned credits for items that were not reimbursed to the employee belong to the employee.)  Note:  UMW allows and encourages employees to use any kind of discounted rate or earned credits to reduce costs for UMW.

Travel expense accounts are open to the public and must be able to sustain the test of public review. When planning and paying for travel, economy, prudence and necessity are of primary concern. The use of State funds to accommodate personal comfort, convenience, and taste is not permitted. It is the policy of the Commonwealth of Virginia to limit travel costs to only those expenses that are necessary for providing essential services to the Commonwealth’s citizens.  Further, travelers and travel planners must seek ways to reduce the cost of essential travel.

Please contact with travel questions.