Research Participant Payment

A gift card (up to $100), gift certificate (up to $100), physical gift (such as a T-shirt or book), or a cash gift payment can be given for the purpose of paying subjects to participate in an academic research study.  For example, a Psychology professor may ask participants to complete a survey.  The professor may want to give each participant $5 for completing the survey.  This is allowed; however, if cash is given, a FULL name, FULL social security number (or FULL Banner ID number) and FULL address must be completed on the CASH Gift Log Form.  (CONTACT FOR A CASH GIFT LOG FORM.)  If a gift card, gift certificate or physical gift of ANY dollar value is given, the (non-Cash) Gift Log Form must be completed and submitted to the Accounts Payable department within 15 days of the date the gift was purchased. Remember, the professor can also give physical gifts that are valued less than $50 (that’s $49.99 or less).  If a physical gift that is valued at less than $50 is given, only the first page of the (non-cash) Gift Log Form and the distributor’s signature (certifying statement) are required on the (non-cash) GIFT LOG FORM.  The name, social security number (or Banner ID number) and address are not required.  The recipient’s FULL name, FULL social security number (or FULL Banner ID number), FULL address, and other information are required on the appropriate log (non-cash log or cash log) if ANY of the following are given:

  • A physical gift valued at $50 or more,
  • Cash (any value),
  • Gift card (any value), or
  • Gift certificate (any value)

Read “Gift Giving” for FULL policy regulations and contact Accounts Payable at or 654-1226 with questions.